Just Three Words To Say


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A few days ago mom, you asked me what a mother meant,

I left it a question unanswered, I know your heart is bent,

I never meant to hurt you mom, I m sorry for what I did,

You did the very right thing, though, by calling me a kid,

But the truth is mom, too many words could answer your question, instead

The words were all jumbled up, inside my very own head.

Your question was a tough one mom, I didn t know what to say,

Except I m sorry, I love you, and I ll answer it this way:

You are one of the people mom, that I love the most in my life,

Although I unpurposly say things that stab you like a knife.

You are the only one mom, who guides me right where I have to be,

Although my words and actions really sting you like a bumblebee.

You give me the unexplainable power and hope I need mom, when facing danger or fear,

Although I often cost you a tiny water-drop on your face, a tear.

You teach me lessons and precious words mom, to guide me in positive vein,

Although I barely look in your eyes, those words deeply enter my brain.

You fill me with the best knowledge and advises mom, even when I take it for granted,

But I know you were there for me, to make this knowledge used like a beautiful song, chanted.

What I m trying to tell you mom, is that I thank you very much,

For all the times you were there for me, when you aided me with your soft touch.

I still have three more precious words mom, that I would extremely like to offer:

I love you and I m thankful each day, that you are my beautiful, loving, mother.

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