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Just For Kicks Essay, Research Paper

Brandon Lewis is the manager for his high school football team. On the football team, there is a sorry loser named Timmy. The football team was undefeated for six games straight. Mistakes made by Timmy made the team lose a game. He was the punter and he kept dropping the ball. Timmy blamed the mistakes on the team and said it was their fault that they lost the game. The next day Timmy quit the team. After he quit, the team had no punter so Brandon asked his sister, Sarah to help. She enjoyed football and really wanted to play on the team. She began playing, and in three more days the playoffs would take place. Sarah did a great job and the team won because of Sarah.

My favorite part of the book is when Timmy quit. He was a bully and if I had been on the football team, I would not have liked him. I was proud of Sarah and the fact that she did not care that she would be the only girl on the team. I also liked the part when John and Sarah told either other that they liked one another.

I would recommend this book to someone else. It teaches one not to be sorry losers or quitters.

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