Jump SHip To Freedom


Jump SHip To Freedom Essay, Research Paper

This book was about slavery and Arabus who wanted to be free and not have to

answer to his slave master Ivers who treated him like dirt. It is hard to compare Arabus

and me because there is not much in common between us. One thing we have in common

is that we both believe that African Americans should not be discriminated apart from

white people. Something that we don?t have in common is that his father is dead and mine

is not.

We both have determination. Arabus was trying to become free by stealing his

Fathers soldiers notes and then sailing with Ivers all the way to New York and then

jumping off and swimming away from Ivers so he could find his fathers old friend and

trading in his dads notes for money and then he could by his freedom and then buy his

mothers freedom. I have never had to fight for my freedom but I think I would have the

determination to fight for my freedom.

We can both swim well. He proves he is a good swimmer when he jumps off the

ship and swims away to get to New York. I have never proved I?m a good swimmer by

swimming away. People know I can swim well because they have seen me swim at the

pool. I don?t think that I could swim away for as long as he did.

The last thing that I will compare is the fact that he lost his dad when he was really

young and I still have mine. His dad was a soldier that was fight and his ship sunk and

was African American . My dad is not a soldier and he is not

There are differences but I think we could be friends if we were the same age

because we have the same morals. What we don?t have in common are little things that

don?t matter as much.

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