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The Lives of the Caesars

Julius Caesar was a strong leader for the Romans who changed the course of the history. With his courage and strength he created a strong empire. Caesar was a major part of the Roman Empire because of his strength and his strong war strategies. Julius Caesar was a Roman general and statesman whose dictatorship was pivotal in Rome s transition from republic to empire. Suetonius seems to be attacking Caesar s reputation but is still showing the good side.

Caesar s lust for having a big military command. Caesar treated his men with respect and fairness. Suetonius says, “He judged his men by their fighting record, not by their moral or social positions, treating them all with equal severity and equal indulgence. He really showed his soldiers that he really cared a lot for them by spoiling them with banquets and entertainment.

Caesar told his soldiers that he was going to give them sesterces (money) as he promised and did. Suetonius spoke of Caesar very well about his generosity.

Julius Caesar secured the office of Dictator. Caesar used his dictatorship and used it to increase his power. With all of his powers he was pretty much the king of Rome. It was here, that Caesar found his power to preside over others, and where he became passionately hated by the Roman ruling class. As dictator, Caesar had secured the power of an absolute ruler. He had gained many rights, as a dictator, which also allowed him to control the magistrates, and their elections. During Caesar’s rule, elections into office proceeded as normal. However, he had passed legislation, which allowed him to control the elections, whereby his suggestions were always acknowledged. In this manner, many of his colleagues were rewarded with posts as magistrates. Suetonius shows how Caesar was a pushover to the people on the senate. He brided the senate by lending them money in order to get his way. This was the way in which he got the people to be love him so much. Caesar was very smart by using money to win the people.

Suetonius portrays Caesar as being unscrupulous in amassing wealth from his offices, civilian and military. His conquests in Gaul, Italy and Britain are shown as catapulting him into a stratum of high power, prestige, and fortune. Caesar also obtained honors to increase his prestige. He wore the robe, crown, and scepter of a triumphant general. A general theme through the life of Julius Caesar is that the lack of power is a corrupting influence. Caesar loved to throw away money like if it would grow on trees. Caesar built a house but did not like the way it was built so he just threw it down. Then the wasting of money soon caught up with him. Caesar was running out of money or jewelry he would go to another city (Britain) to rampage it. There he would sell off the pearls so that he could get out of debt.

Caesar is shown to be a ladies man. He would go out and take any women that he pleased. Suetonius acknowledges this by using Curio s speech. Caesar was every woman s man and every man s women. He would often give lots of presents to the women. Caesar would even get many of friends wives. He wanted to make a law that would allow him to marry whatever wives he pleases. This was the sake for begetting children.

Suetonius shows how Caesar many characteristics. They might have been good but most often were bad. A general theme that plagued the life of Julius Caesar is that the lack of power is a corrupting influence. He had no remorse for anybody but for his soldiers and his women. Caesar knew that with money he could move mountains. As long as he had a military to back him up there was nothing to stop him. He was a very good strategic fighter that made him very popular with the people. He won many battles and never looked backed until his death.

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