Julia Rebel Or Not


Julia, Rebel Or Not? Essay, Research Paper

Julia, Rebel or Not?

In Orwell s novel, 1984, he creates a character that represents brains. This character is Julia. You may think that if you are smart then why would you want to hide it? Being brainy in the world of 1984 is anything but a good thing. If they know you are thinking things other then what you are told to think then you will be punished for thought crime. Julia however does and excellent job at hiding her thoughts. She performs doublethink; she believes in two things at the same time. Julia is anything but a corrupt featherbrain. She basically has to lives going on at once. One life loving Big Brother and one of which she is more of a rebel.

At the beginning of Orwell s book Julia is portrayed as someone who is all for Big Brother. She wears the sash to represent he beliefs of Big Brother. Everyone, who sees her, including Winston believes she is on the side of Big Brother. It isn t until Julia passes Winston the note that he realizes the truth about her. in the two or three seconds while he was helping her up the girl had slipped something into his hand. (89). The note says, I love you. (90). The truth is that on the inside Julia really is a rebel.

After the note gets passed to Winston, the love affair between the two of them begins. Its real, undeclared purpose was to remove all pleasure from the sexual act. (57). Not only is having sex for any reason besides the production of children for the party against the law, but also Winston is a married man. Winston is still married to his wife, Katherine, because as far as he knows she is not dead. Sex without approval is also illegal. This action taken by Julia is showing her doublethink. She plays it off as if she loves Big Brother, but on the other hand is having an affair with Winston.

I would have to say that Julia is a witty realist. She pulls off a very risky life and goes for quite sometime without getting caught, or so she thinks. Even though the Inner Party had been watching Winston and Julia, as far as she knows she is getting away with everything. She shows to everyone that she loves Big Brother, but deep down inside she really hates him. She is a very intellegent person, which is something the world of 1984 does not like.

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