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The Notorious B.I.G.


It was all a dream

I use to read “Word Up” magazine

Salt ‘n’ Pepa and Heavy D

Up in the limousine

Hangin pictures on my wall

Every Saturday, rap attack

Mr. Magic Marlly Mar

I let my tape rock

Till my tape pop

Smokin’ weed and bambo

Sipin’ on private stock

Way back

When I had the red and black


With the hat to match

When remember rappin do

The high, the high

You never thought that hip-hop would take it this far

Now I’m the lime light

Cause I rhyme tight

Time to get paid

Blow up like the World Trade

A born sinner

The opposite of a winner

Remember when I use to eat sardines for dinner

Peace to Ron G, Brucee B, Kid Capri,

Funk Master Flex, Love Puff Starski

I’m blowin’ up like you thought I would

Callin’ the crib same number, same hood

It’s all good

And if you don’t know

Now you know nigga


You know very well

Who you are

Don’t let ‘em hold you down

Reach for the stars

You gotta a goal

We’re not that many

Cause you’re the only one

I give you good and plenty


I made the change from a common thief

To ‘Up Close and Personal” with Robin Leach

And I’m far from cheap

I smoke blunts with my peeps all day

Spread love it’s the Brooklyn way

And Alaze keep my pissy

Girls use to dis me

Now they write letters cause they miss me

I never thought it could happen

This rappin stuff

I was to use to

Packin’ gats ‘n’ stuff

Now honeys play me close

Like butter plays toast

From the Mississippi

Down to the East Coast

Condos in Queens

Indo for weeks

Sold out seats

To hear Biggie Smalls speak

Livin’ life without fear

Puttin’ 5-karts in my baby girl ear

Lunches, brunches interviews by the pool

Considered a fool

Cause I dropped out of high school

Sterotypes of a black male misunderstood

And it’s still all good

And if you don’t know

Now you know nigga


Super Nintendo, Sega Genisis

When I was dead broke

Man, I couldn’t picture this

50 inch screen

Money green

Leather soafs

Got 2 rides

A limosuine with a chauffer

Phone bill about 2Gs flat

No need to worry

My accountant handles that

And my whole crew was loungin’

Celebratin’ everyday

No more public housin’

Thinkin’ back

On my one room shack

Now my mom pimp acts

With minks on her back

And she loves to show me off of course

Smiles every time my face is up in “Source”

We use to fuse

When the landlord dised us

No heat

Wonder why Christmas missed us

Birthdays were the worse days

Now we sip champagne when we thirsty

Damn right I like the way I live

Cause I went from negative to positive

And it’s all …

And if you don’t know

Now you know nigga

2 x Chorus

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