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Friday of the hump I didnt have gas mask

Sgt Shin made general references in that hazing is ok in his shop and if he does it no one will say anything and if the NCOs do it that he will not say anything.

Sunday, November 5th 2000

On Nov 2nd I arrived at the ball at approximately 16:45. Sgt Shin had told us to be there at 17:00 for a uniform inspection and I was running late because I was riding with Cpl Thom and he was running late. On the 5th of November the ordnance section had an inspection for haircuts an Sgt Shin was there. He asked me why I was late for the ball and I told him that Cpl Thom was running late and I appologized at the ball. He then made general remarks to the subject that it could be called UA. After arguing about that for a few minutes I told him that this is the reason I dont like the military because they make a big deal out of something small. Sgt Shin encouraged me to pop on a urinalysis or go UA for 30 days because it would do us all better. I then told him that it was “*censored*ed up” that he was telling me those things as a person and a Sgt. I told him that I would ask 1st Sgt if it was “*censored*ed up” or not and he said that fine because he would deni that he said them. There were some people there that witnessed this. LCpl Hinds, Cpl Ruhter, LCpl Loren and on the 4th story cat walk was PFC Siebal . I was very angry at this point and Sgt Shin asked me if I was going to cry and I said “no not at all” and he then said “what then” and I said “Nothing, I am about to knock someone out though” Sgt Shin took it as a threat and got in my face and told me to hit him then but I did not because I knew the consiquences. Sgt Hayden walked up then and Sgt Shin told Sgt Hayden, “Do something with him before I kill him.” And I took that as a threat. And from there I went into my room.


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