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Joe Smith Returns To His Roots

Seeing that Joe Smith received just two offers, he decided to return to his roots in Minnesota agreeing to the six-year 34 million dollar contract he rejected earlier this week. It appeared very evident that Smith was not re-signing with the Pistons after the press conference which was held this past Tuesday. Smiths inconsistency will not be missed and will allow coach Carlisle to develop rookie Rodney White while giving Corliss Williamson, the minutes he needs.

Are the Pistons Done For the Summer?

One things for sure is that the Pistons are practically done for the summer. They still have some players that they can pull off trades with, but nothing really big is going to happen. Their only outlet for a big trade will be with Cliff Robinson, but talks about trading him cannot come for another month or so. There best bet for getting a big name player was for them to package Smith, Robinson and a few others to make it work, but with Smith now out of the picture, it will be hard for Dumars to maneuver around the 2 million he has left to spend.

Exceptions With Barros

The Pistons are still deciding what to do with Dana Barros, Dumars has roughly over 1.9 million left to spend and with Barros eligible for the 1 million dollar exception which only $548,000 will count against the cap. Either that, or they can go with signing one of the available shooting guards for the exception. The Lakers already snagged sharp-shooter Mitch Richmond for the million dollar exception. Some names that are left are Jimmy Jackson who can spell relief for Jerry Stackhouse and come in and play significant minutes for them.

Rookie Watch

Pistons rookie Rodney White is practicing again. He was out for most of the Pistons summer camp earlier this month with a bruised left shoulder. He is expected to make a full recovery and report to training camp on time.

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