Jewish Art


Jewish Art Essay, Research Paper

Jewish Art

On many occasions art has the power to tell a story or even express how someone

feels. The speaker on Jewish art was very interesting. She translates many

Jewish stories and commandments while portraying it through art. Very few

people can accomplish this but I thought she did a pretty good job of it. Her

pieces once explained told great stories of Jewish history. One thing that I

found very iteresting was her idea of adding new riuals to the jewish religion

through her art. I’m glad that I have always liked art because it helped me to

understand her feelings towards it. The speaker showed a lot of enthusiasm and

love for her art. She seemed to be very care-free and almost worry free. I

though she was very cool and really did a good job of expressing her feelings

toward her art. One important aspect of her art was that for her seeing her

pieces come out of a fire was a reward in itself. She was not in it for the

mmoney or material rewards. I think a lot of times people are only in it for

material reward and it gets in the way of great art. It seems to me that this

helped her to become such a good artist

Her focus was mainly on very well known Jewish objects. Some of these

include Menorahs, Sadaka boxes, and Mezuzahs. These where very evident part of

her slide show. All of them were very obscure and odd looking but each told a

storyf which only she knew. At first glance they were not so great but after her

explanation they became beautiful.

Her idea of creating new rituals for our religion through art really

striked me. I found her ideas to be very interesting because it was som

I think that many times Judaism is expressed through art because there

are so many beliefs on what it means to be a Jew. Many people cant explain how

they fell in words so , in this case, a more fun and interesting way was used.

Even though many religious people don’t agree with this way of expression I feel

that it is obviously better than nothing.

It was evident that the Holocaust Had a major influence on her works.

She said that she liked the fact that even after her pieces were burned they

still came out beautiful. I think that was a reference to when Hitler burned

the Jewish people. Even though many died they were still great people.

I found the speakers pieces to be very interesting and at the same time

odd. At first glance I thought to myself “I could do that” but after her

explanation and her talk I saw her pieces as great works of art. To be able to

explain how you feel through art is a great gift which few people have. I found

her gift to be very interesting.

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