Jet Li


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Jet Li

Rain Noe from writes, When he speaks, he co-articulates with

frenetic gestures as if explaining something to a deaf person with ADD Though not a

native English speaker, he can fit three words where others fit one, just as he can throw

three kicks before the bad guy has finished threatening him. Rain is talking about the

newcomer Li Lian Jie, or as many of you know better Jet Li. He is an actor and a martial

artist. His first role in American films was in the movie Lethal Weapon 4 where he

played as a kung fu bad guy. Jet confessed in his interview with Rain about playing the

villain. That was a bit hard for me. I don t want to be [perceived as] that bad guy then a lot of people see Jet Li as the villain! And then I walk on the street and they say, Oh,you re so mean! I say Look,in my real life, I m really nice! Jet Li s role in this movie next landed him in a hit movie Romeo Must Die, a movie with kung fu and hip hop mixed. Jet co-starred with hip-hop singer Aaliyah . Her comment to Rain about Jet was, I saw Lethal Weapon 4 and I fell in love with him. I was like, Oh my god, he s amazing!

He was born and raised in Baijing,China. ShadowMatrix from said that Jet was a poster child of perfection. He had good grades in school and was an obedient child to his parents and teachers. Jet Li wrote on , Because I was the smallest my mother never allowed Any risky activity any kind of exercise was off limits. So while kids my age were outside playing on the street, this docile boy stayed inside.

When Li turned 8 he enrolled in the Beijing Amateur Sports School for Washu training, another style of the martial arts. describe how Jet Li was trained. Jet s trainer was a man name Wu Bin who became Jet s surrogate father. Wu Bin always gave praises and support to other students but gave Jet none, which made Jet work even harder at washu training. This led Jet to winning the championship at national Youth sports competition and becoming the Chinese Men s All-Around National Wushu Champion for five years. In 1974 he performed his skills for President Nixon on the white house lawn.

He moves fast and seems to have a lot of energy. As Rain Noe describes it, Watching jet move, you get the feeling he could flip a quarter in the air and leave the room before it hit the floor. Joel Silver, producer of The Matrix and Romeo Must Die, explained with Rain, With the Matrix, we had four actors who really di not know martial arts. They had to train for 4 months just to create martial arts sequences special effects. But Jet Jet is a special effect.

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