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These words could have come out of the mouth of a Christian, Muslim, or a Jew because Jerusalem is the center of all three of the religion. This piece of land is sacred to Christians, Muslims, and Jews. There is a lot of violence going on between Israel and Palestine over this land. According to my research, it all started on September 26 2000. This started because Palestine wanted Jerusalem to be in control of an Islamic government, on the other hand Israel wanted it to be under Jewish command. The leaders of these countries met to come up with a peace agreement but their attempts failed. Moreover, after their attempts failed they tried to get control of Jerusalem by attacking the citizens of the opposing country. Palestinians made the first move and then the Israel attacked seeking revenge and it is continuing right now.

In addition, the geography of these countries is as follows. ?Palestine, historic region, the extent of which has varied greatly since ancient times, situated on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, in southwestern Asia. Palestine is now largely divided between Israel and the Israeli-occupied territories, parts of which are self-administered by Palestinians.?(Encarta Encyclopedia ?Palestine?) That quotation from Encarta Encyclopedia tells us about Palestine?s geography. ?Israel (country), country in southwestern Asia, formed in 1948 as a Jewish state in the historic region of Palestine, and located on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Israel is bounded on the north by Lebanon, on the northeast by Syria, on the east by Jordan, and on the southwest by Egypt. Its southernmost tip extends to the Gulf of Aqaba, an arm of the Red Sea.?(Encarta Encyclopedia ?Israel(country)?) This quotation is also from Encarta Encyclopedia tells us about Israel?s geography and its independence. Palestine and Israel are neighboring countries. Israel is in the middle of all the Islamic countries and from an Islamic point of view, Jewish people are their enemy.

Moreover in the past there was only one country name Palestine but then the Jews who were living in Palestine started protesting that they should have a separate state for Jews only. So ?The United Nations endorsed the partition of Palestine in 1947, Israel was founded in 1948, and its borders were established after a short war against the Arab states.?(Mark Perry pg.26) According to the book in title A FIRE IN ZION by Mark Perry we know that Israel struggled to get its independence, but Jerusalem was not included in that land. ?It weathered the 1948 War of Independence, staggered the world by defeating the combined armies of its adversaries during the Six Day War in 1967, and reunited Jerusalem under its rule.?(Mark Perry pg.26) This tells us that in 1948 Israel went in war against Arabs to get Jerusalem under its rule.

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