Jefferson Vs Hamilton


Jefferson Vs Hamilton Essay, Research Paper

Between Jefferson and Hamilton the two both wanted what was best for the newly formed country but just had different opinions on how to go about it. Hamilton wanted the United States to be governed by an aristocracy while Jefferson had his faith in the people and disagreed with Hamilton. On this basis the two had many disputes on issues in the country, such as the economy with farming and industry, the national bank, or how to interpret the Constitution.

1. Shipping and Manufacturing

a. Jefferson-wanted U.S to be nation of farmers.

b. Hamilton- encouraged shipping and manufacturing.

c. One side result of this was Hamilton’s proposal for a national bank

d. Jefferson feared that the bank would encourage financial speculation and hurt farming interests.

e. Also thought it would give government too much power.

2. Constitutional Interpretation

a. Jefferson developed strict construction theory

b. Says the government should assume only the powers expressly given it by the Constitution.

c. Hamilton wanted loose interpretation of the Constitution

d. Said that the government should assume all powers not expressly denied it.

e. Washington favored Hamilton.

Overall Hamilton and Jefferson were both great political leaders for the new developing nation, it needed a precedent on how to run the country and these two men had different manners of going about it. One wanted aristocracy to control, the other believed in the common people Hamilton wanted loose interpretation while Jefferson believed in strict interpretation. Overall it was good for the new country for two important men who wanted what they thought was best for the country and dispute over it, because it gave a choice between both sides in order to pick the best possible decision.

Kasen Whitehouse

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