It Was A Snowy Christmas Eve


It Was A Snowy Christmas Eve Essay, Research Paper

It was a snowy Christmas Eve and I was a 8 years old

with a temper like a lion with a thorn in its foot. I had written my letter to

Santa and had posted it over two weeks ago. I had asked for the most amazing

brand new bike as my old one had gone rusty from my lack of? care for it. ?David!? ?What

do you want because I?m busy?? I yelled back into the kitchen. ?If

you don?t go to bed soon Sant Claus wont turn up.? ?Its

only half past eight. Maybe if I stay up long enough I might get to see him

leaving my new bike?I had been dreaming about getting a new bike for nearly

three months. I had saw it in the local bike shop. It was silver with blue

stripes along it and had really cool looking brakes and suspension. ?Santa

only comes to children who are good and go to bed early and do as there

mother?s tell them to do.?my mum said with a very sarcastic tone. ?OK,

OK I?m going!? So off I plodded to bed without another word even though I knew

I?d never get to sleep. As I lay in my bed I started thinking about Santa and how

nice a person he is to deliver all the presents that children want to then. I still didn?t seem anymore likely to fall asleep so I

started to read a magazine. Tick Tock, Tick Tock. I just wished time would go

faster. Finally I fell asleep. I started to dream about my new

bike and how all my friend would be so jealous of me. I was riding down

the street and as I went past everybody they lay down on the ground and started

worshipping my bike and screaming ?we?re not worthy, we?re not worthy.? I woke up and was out of my bed like a flash. I bolted

down the stairs like a cheetah. I ran into the living room expecting to see a

room full of presents and my new bike: instead I was greeted by the faces of my

mum and dad and there was no presents. ?Where?s

my bike! WHERE?S…. MY…. BIKE!? ?Calm

down son. You?ve only been asleep for an hour. Santa hasn?t come yet.? my dad

said with a cheesy grin on his face. ?Go you on back to bed and I?m sure he?ll

be here soon. So off I went back to bed. I was started to go crazy.

All of the running about had really taken it out of me so I was sleeping like a

baby in no time. I opened my eyelids, which felt like lead weights were

weighing them down, and looked at the clock expecting it to be only about 11

o?clock at night and when I realised it was seven thirty in the morning I was

out of my bed and down the hall and stairs in record time. I burst into the

room and scanned it looking for my new bike but couldn?t find it. I started to

feel tears running down my face and felt like I had just been hit by a bus. I ran up to my parents room and started screaming. I

couldn?t believe that Santa hadn?t brought me my bike. I was going to be the

laugh of my school because I had told everybody about my new bike. I would

never trust Santa again. ?I hate him. I hate him.? ?????? I

just ran off to my room and sulked. It wasn?t until this day that I realised

that it wasn?t Santa who let me down. It was my mum and dad.???

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