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In war all that matters is political achievements, it isn’t who wins the most battles or kills the most lives. It’s who achieves their goals. A classic example of this was the Vietnam War. The Irish event of the Easter Rising was much the same. The event itself was a complete failure and didn’t achieve the initial goals it sought for immediate independence, but much like the beaten Vietnamese armies on the battlefield, an initial loss can bring the whole closer to victory. The Easter Rising was an unpopular unsuccessful event that brought the Irish people closer to independence.

The history of Ireland has been filled with oppressive and abusive acts by the English, which came in many forms throughout time. Early on there were frequent attempts at cultural repression in Ireland by the Forces of Elizabeth, Cromwell, and William of Orange. These activities varied from attempts to populate Ireland with “loyalists” to bloody campaigns of elimination. The repression of Gaelic culture was successful and caused it to diminish gradually overtime.

Although the Gaelic and Celtic culture was diminishing, it was still fairly strong until 1846 when it took a severe blow with the Great Famine. The Irish famine nearly wiped out all Gaelic culture and traditions. The majority of the deaths and outward immigration came from the poor and, for the most part, with them went the remainder of Gaelic culture.

The English response to the famine was a stone hearted nothing. While they have justified the exploitation of Ireland throughout their history, they refused to take action when the Irish needed it. The reaction to the English response in Ireland was an increased hate towards the English that encompasses hundreds of years of frustration and anger. They blamed England for their failed economy, deaths, and nationwide tragedy.

The period following this saw a revival of Gaelic and Celtic culture through the Gaelic League, the Gaelic Athletic Association, and literary revival.

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