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Interracial Dating Essay, Research Paper

I’ve had my own share of relationships and experienced the ups and downs. Yet it never did it occur to me that the cause for such experiences would be because of what my boyfriend and I were born with: our races. Being biracial myself, (Japanese and Filipino) I have come across many different aspects of both cultures. My mom is Filipino, and my dad is Japanese. They may be different in race but their love for each other is all the same. Initially, it was not that easy. The Japanese did invade the Philippines during World War two and my mom felt some bitterness towards the Japanese. However, she later concluded that after meeting my father, her bitterness was gone. My parents are a prime example of that love sees no boundaries. Sometimes I wonder if my life would be different being single race, but I’ve adopted many positive beliefs from both cultures and races. There are many reasons why I approve of interracial couples. It makes me furious when you see people on t.v. shows arguing about a “white guy dating a black girl”. How can someone try to prevent another from being with someone they truly love? Can something so ridiculous be justified? When you love someone, the barriers of superficiality – appearance, social status, and ethnicity diminish. When all else fails, “Love conquers all.”

The issue of interracial dating is somewhat controversial as it affects almost everyone who engages in it. Not only the couples themselves, but those around them. Interracial dating is often a problem is because of events which might have happened in the past. My parents for example probably would have never met if my mother hadn’t stopped feeling bitter about the Japanese invasion. In relation, an African mother may disapprove of her son dating a Caucasian female because of slavery in the past. Therefore, the past often has a way of coming back, not always for the best. It also the case that stereotype rules the majority of a single race. What people don’t know much about, they don’t condone. Furthermore, many people would agree that sticking to their own race will preserve their own identity and culture. They feel that leaning outside of their race may take away from their own beliefs. But on the contrary, limiting themselves from what the world has to offer closes the doors to finding out not only about other races and cultures, but from their own as well. Somehow, everyone seems to be linked to others of various backgrounds.

In the Filipino culture, it would be unorthodox for someone to date another out of her race. Many Filipino parents would agree that they’d be more approving of a fellow Filipino partner for their son or daughter. Rather than being open-minded towards other cultures and races, they not only limit themselves, but they also limit their children from what the world offers. The world is a cultural melting pot and to be closed-minded is like restraining yourself from knowing more. Indifference often arises ignorance and the fewer people know about something, the less they agree or promote it. Therefore, interracial dating allows others to become more informed about other races and cultures. Initially, I did have a few stereotypes of my own regarding people of different races. One view in particular was one I had about Caucasian males. I always thought they’d only “court” other Caucasian girls and never go for an Asian like myself. So, I limited myself for awhile. Little did I know that shortly after, I would be going out with a white male myself. Although we came from different backgrounds, I had come to the realization that we really had a lot in common. We liked the same music, movies and sports. We really weren’t as different as I thought.

Coming from two totally different backgrounds, we did have conflicting beliefs and traditions. But, in having such vast qualities, we were able to share them. Being together brought out the best in each other, therefore our different norms were. Basically, we thought that we had the best of both worlds. We were able to share different qualties from our different cultures.

To be someone you want to be with, shouldn’t have such boundaries of limiting yourself to a certain race. We most often love another, not for what they are, but who they are. There are so many negative vibrations all over the world due to hate which hurts very much when someone puts another down for loving someone. Is it not enough for someone to give a significant other great happiness in life? When two people share something special, no one has the right to take that away from them.

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