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Internet Service Providers Essay, Research Paper

Service provider Services offered

AOL FREE Helpline, 7 Email Addresses, Instant Messaging, Parental Controls, 21 Exclusive Channels, AOL Mobile for WAP, AOL Calendar.

Blueyonder Free technical support from our dedicated team between 8am and midnight

15 email addresses

30mb of free web space for your own site

Free installation software available for both Mac and PC

BT Internet Personalised homepage options, email, calendar, mail alerts, horoscopes, personal broadcasting, offers customers 24 hour internet access availability, 7 days a week with no additional call charges.

Virgin Free, fast, reliable internet access 5 free email addresses 10Mb of space to create your own website Free online customer support A choice of 24 hour technical support packages, Regular software updates

Line 1 FAST & RELIABLE Internet access MORE powerful Search Engine IMPROVED navigation of the site – get to what you want faster BETTER QUALITY more in-depth information in our Channels NEW downloads section in the Technology Channel ENHANCED Community and Shopping Channels NEW Jobs and Music Channels

Internet-today There are NO subscription fees or charges for time spent online.

site offers a beginner’s guide to the Internet, technical support, HTML tutorials, links to places of interest and fast access to Internet search engines

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