Internet And Crime On The Internet


Internet And Crime On The Internet Essay, Research Paper

There are more people getting on the Internet and this will increase the probably of more crime. In 1997 there were 12 million users. Last year, 1998 there was 85 to 170 million Internet users, this information varied by the source. And for each of the years the crime rate has gone up. The statistics for 1997 were 12,775 complaints filed that’s 35 each day. In 1998 there was 47,000 complaints filed and that was 156 per day. The Number of projected complaint files might be 188,000 or 515 per day. For those reports the validity is 37% valid and 63% invalid. Most of the complaints filed were about child pornography 35% in a close second with 33% Fraud (scams) were reported in 1998. These facts represent the growing population of the Internet and the need for help like Internet police that could monitor the Internet. There are two major problems on the Internet that can be solved with the global community working together they are pornography and scams. Pornography has been the most controversial topic that sprung from Internet use. The availability of the pornographic material has caused moral issues in the governments of the world. One of the major problems is that the different moral and legal variations between the countries make it hard to define pornographic material. It is hard to make it not available to children and make it available to consenting adults only. Kids are also taken advantaged of and used in sick pornographic ways. The United States, The United Kingdom, and many other countries have taken action to make it illegal to make child pornographic material; it is also illegal to sell child pornographic material; or be in possession of the child pornographic material this also applies to the internet. In September 1998, about 100 people in 12 countries were arrested in what the United Kingdom police claim the biggest swoop on pedophiles operating on the Internet. The police recovered over 100,000 images of children as young as two years old from one United States based club known as Wonderland.Scams are a very popular way to rape you of your money. The people who want your money you many ways to get it. They try things like asking you to use your credit cards verification then they can buy things. ”You should never rely on Internet guarantees or warranties”. The worst thing about scams is they’re no one protecting you or your rights. This is so because local, city, state, province, and federal laws. There are 12 scams called by the FTC “The Dirty Dozen”. The first of the dirty dozen is the business opportunities scams these offers make lit sound like it is very easy to start a business that will earn piles of money but; they usually are pyramid schemes that are masquerading as legitimate opportunities to make really easy money. The second scam is “making money by sending bulk e-mail”. These scams will offer to sell you bulk e-mail lists and Spam software, witch is a program that will send the bulk e-mail this is very unreliable and you don’t make any profit. Chain letters are the third in the dirty dozen and this is illegal to send it they are just trying to rip you off with the chain letter. The letter will say it is legal to send to others and you lose money if you buy in to the product. Work-at-home-schemes. The most common work-at-home scam promises that you’ll earn money for stuffing envelopes. For example, you’re promised you’ll earn $2.00 for every envelope you stuff. But, they’re never a real job for envelope stuffing available. You pay to register and then you are told to send the same envelope-stuffing e-mail to others. The only money you can earn would come from others who fall for the scam and pay to register. If you did actually do work for one of these outfits they’d refuse to pay you and say your work didn’t measure up to their “good standards.” The sixth in the “Dirty Dozen” is health and diet scam. They are the same as the miracle cures offered off line, ways to lose weight without eating less or exercising more. There are supposedly “scientific brake through” or other types of hair and skin treatments that have no effect.

The Internet is a great resores for learning, to meet other people, to play games, to buy toys, games, cars, and many other things. This great resource is also a giant balance beam of the constitution because no one has made laws or rules for the Internet except in the last couple of years. The Internet is also a hurtful tool for the few bad seeds that want to ruin it for the rest. The Internet is a very delicate thing that can not be taken lightly. Bibliography 1. Akdeniz, Yaman. Child Pornography Cases Involving the Internet. (Online) Available at, January 18, 1999. 2. Hampton, Peter. Welcome to Intergov. (Online) Available at, March 30, 1999. 3. All About Ecpat. (Online) Available at, 1998.


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