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A world that is fast becoming an even smaller place involves an immense amount of changes in terms of policies, outlook and perspectives. This change affects every individual in every country in some manner or the other

Law is a tool; an instrument which can allow this change to come about in a manner more organised than the natural course it is bound to take.

Law is a an instrument which can protect the nameless people standing in the path of such change so as to make sure that it is the people who come first whatever the change maybe. Always.

A course of this nature will help people who undertake it to perceive, comprehend and translate the split second dynamics into facts and figures more easily comprehended by the people with the power to make a difference—the governments, corporates, ngo’s and various international agencies who can then focus on carrying out their functions to the best of their abilities

In the global existence today—-and I say global for it is an economic fact that no economy can survive isolated ?it is a mathematical impossibility—-speed and information are the key words In this technology driven global economy these words mark the difference between “boom” and “bust”. Quite literally. Any organisation, to survive has to react quickly to changes in policies—legal political, economic, environment?changes in any part of the multifaceted world that we live in. Dinosaur level reflexes are likely to lead it to the same results.

This is what makes this course so relevant.

As an economics student I have been exposed to an extent to various development models and how they work and I’m interested in learning even more about the ground realities and implications of such models.

The content will enable an understanding of developments happening in any geographical location in the world but which may have a direct or indirect impact on you.

Ignorance is not always bliss as would be proved if ignorance were to prevail

International and comparative legal studies offers six units out of which three have to be selected as mentioned in the brochure.

The units on environment law, human rights law, economic law and developing world hold tremendous fascination for me

These sections of law deal with relevant issues today, with every corner of the world becoming even more accessible than before.

With this great opening up of the world the concept of”big” has never been as big as before with large corporations spread to every corner of the globe with coke being available in villages of India where one has to travel 5 kms for water.

This has two implications

1. From the corporates point there is a need to translate international changes into local dynamics and as such a comprehensive understanding of such is required

2. There maybe a tendency to misuse the power that results in from such immense size and the forces of law come into play

The governments need to be abreast of all developments and happenings all over for the survival of any economy is intricately linked to one another at some level or the other

Politically?we are sitting on a nuclear stockpile with shorter fuses than ever before.

In my essay above I have tried to show the importance and relevance of the subjects offered by this course to me and why I wish to undertake this course.

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