Influence Of Music Emotions And Effects


Influence Of Music: Emotions And Effects Essay, Research Paper

Influence of Music: Emotions and Effects

This Essay is about how music can influence the emotions and effects of a person.

I will be giving you precentages. I will also be giving you quotes of students

around my age group.

Music can influence the way a person can dress. If some one that is listens to

rock&roll will dress outraged and may wear nose rings. Students that listen to

country may dress with a cow boy hat. A person that listens to oldies may dress

with clothes from the past.

Music can also influence the way a person thinks about somthing. People that

listens to rap may think that drugs should be legal. A person that likes country

may think that raggedy cars should be used until it possibly can’t run anymore.

A person that listens to oldies think that the fashion should be the way that it

was when it was the fiftys.

This concludes the essay for ” music and how it influences.” Music can influence

the way a person thinks about a subject, their emmotions, and what should be

allowed and not.

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