Infatuation Essay, Research Paper

Forget his name, forget his face

Forget his kiss, his warm embrace

Forget the love that you once knew

Remember now, there’s someone new.

Forget the love that you once shared

Forget the fact that he once cared

Forget the times you spent together

Remember now, he’s gone forever

Forget him when they play your song

Forget you cried the whole night long

Forget the way that you two were

Remember now he’s chosen her.

Forget you memorized his walk

Forget the way he used to talk

Forget the things he used to say

Remember now he’s gone away.

Forget the nights he used to call

Forget the nights you spent alone

Forget the way, he was your whole world

Remember now there’s another girl.

Forget his gentle teasing ways

Forget you saw him only yesterday

Forget the things you used to do

Remember now, she loves him too!

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