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India is from north to south, India extends about 2,000 miles. It s a peninsula surrounded on three sides by water. Geography has protected India. The best known passage in India is the Khyber pass. The land of the northern India is fertile, so it grows many good crops. Life in India depends on water from two of the rivers known as Indus River, and the Ganges. India s 1st civilization started in the Indus River Valley. In India the monsoons are very important, during the summer time the wind blows over warm waters of the Indian Ocean. 90% Of India s yearly rain from the summer s monsoon. Both Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro looked like modern, planned cities. All of the cities were all wide and straight. Each of the bricks were exactly the same size. City planners divided their city into different districts. The business district had shops which store food. Living district is another part of the city. People s homes were two stories wide. They most had a patio, or inner room that was open to the sky. They built alabaster windows that let the light shine through. The dirty water was drained trough he clay pipes. A great wall surrounded each city and protected it. Built into the wall were towers. Behind the wall stood a fort, place to store the food and a big bath. The people used it to honor their gods. The people who lived along Indus River Valley, since all the bricks on the homes were exactly the same size. They raised grains & vegetables in their rich soils. They learned how to irrigate, or bring water to , the fields during dried seasons. The farmers grew food to feed everyone, since that happened city people could make pottery, cloth, jewelry, and metal tools. They also made the 1st cotton cloth. Archaeologists have discovered many clay tablets, or flat writing pad, in the Indus River Valley. On them there were pictograms. About 1500 B.C. this civilization suddenly ended. The coastline changed so trading became harder. The monsoon might have failed, or maybe disease, an earthquake, or a flood struck. It might have been that the farmers could no longer grow enough food, or maybe the armies from the central Asia invaded.

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