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There are different styles of writings. Some styles are different due to the different beliefs of writers. In the works of Joy Harjo and Fray Alonso de Benavides, both write about different types of religion. According to Harjo she feels hate toward the Christian religion because, as a Native American, the Christian religion was forced upon her. Alonso de Benavides, on the other hand, feels that it was a good act to incorporate the Christian religion into that religion of the Native Americans. While both writers have there different perspective toward each other. Both writers rely on their own beliefs. It was a painful event when, the europeans, came to the americas and force themselves upon the Native American, upon this forcing the Christian religion onto the Native Americans.

Most of today s everyday people have had the advantage of picking their own religions. They have had their own choice on their religious beliefs, and hardly anyone has force those types of people into different beliefs. This on the other hand was not true for the Native Americans. The Christian religion was forced upon them, with the Native Americans only having two choices. Those choices being to accept the Christian religion, or the choice of being killed.

With the coming of the Europeans to North America, Native Americans experienced a series of dislocations from which they are still trying to recover from. Foreign invaders overran their territories and claimed sovereignty over the Native American communities, diseases ravaged their populations, and their environments were drastically altered. In many cases, Native Americans were forcibly removed from their aboriginal homelands and livelihoods, with the result that indigenous cultures underwent rapid change. Through these crises, Native Americans turned to their own religious traditions to ease their pain, missionaries attempted to convert them from their traditional religions to Christianity.

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