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Impressionism originated in Paris, starting in 1870 going to 1890.

When impressionism was introduced the artists where just coming from paintings

and drawings of photo images and changing to subjects such as a ?Luncheon of the

Boating Party? or ?The Prima Ballerina?. The subjects where no longer boring

portraits of people but interesting daily objects. The aim of an impressionist

was to capture the fleeting vision of joyful everyday scenes by using colour and

light in which they created artwork that became famous worldwide.

There were many artists that became impressionists but these are some that made

impressionism famous and well known:

? Monet

? Pissarro

? Renoir

? Degas

? Toulouse- Lautrec

Impressionism was based on light and the subject that was being painted or

drawn. Artists no longer stayed in their studios in there house to draw and

paint but started to move into the town and paint as well as draw subjects that

where interesting and that related to everyday things, which made the piece of

art work a bit more interesting and effective.

Light was the main influence in the artist?s work, and when they where achieving

the look they wanted it was light that made them pleased with their work. In

there studios artists where seeing dull and boring things like people that they

could paint a portrait of, photo images you could say, but then they saw how

dissimilar and unusual it was to actually paint and draw something other then

people that they decided to paint and draw other appealing things that they knew

people wanted to see. Light was important to the artist. If they found a yacht

that they wanted to paint, but the light was dull, they would either give up or

sometimes paint the same thing repeatedly. This would give their paintings

different effects on the picture each time as the light changed.

One artist, painted the same thing repeatedly, each time the sun changed

direction, and so did the effect on his picture, so the artist got quite a few

pictures of the same thing. The artists always painted happy sceneries and never

depressing paintings.

At first, the public did not want to allow impressionism as a form of

contemporary art. They did not want to accept that painted photo images were no

longer the thing artists were attracted to.

They soon accepted the fact that impressionism was now what the artists were

doing, and that artists no longer intended to create photo-imaged pictures.

Monet was born November 14 1840 Paris in France.

Monet is known as the creator of the art movement impressionism.

He was a French painter; his technique consisted of producing several paintings

the same but with different light each time. His aunt was an amateur painter and

it is said that Monet went to study with a local artist after she suggested he

did so.

He did not start his life as a painter until he became associates with Eugene

Boudin who introduced him to painting in the open air then not so common.

Although landscape oil paintings were introduced in the 16th century, they were

usually produced in the artist?s studio it was not until Monet an impressionist

started to paint outdoors and painted nature.

He died December the 5th 1926 in giveny

Analysis of one of Monet?s painting

The picture of this painting is on the front cover.

Monet painted this in 1886. I think this picture is in the right place being an

impressionist?s artwork, it is a nature-based piece of work, and that is what

the artists were aiming for when painting and choosing their objects.

I chose this picture to analyse because I like water sceneries and this suited

it and because I liked the picture. This picture consists of short painted

strokes to create water with waves coming and going and it shows that the waves

are breaking near the rocks. The rocks are the main item that the artists has

worked around, and then added the water to give it the finished look it needed.

The colours chosen were a good choice as there is not too much blue and little

white, both colours are blended well.


Renoir was a French painter born in Limoges. At a young age, he worked at a

factory painting designs on china. He painted over 600 pictures. He became

friends with artist Monet and worked closely with him during the 1860?s. Both

artists had different interests in objects when painting Monet was mainly

interested in the ever-changing light, and Renoir mainly concentrated on people

and often painted friends and lovers. He painted landscapes with figures in

them years later his hands became unmovable and so he strapped a paintbrush to

his arm. by 1912 he was confined to a wheelchair, he was determined to keep


He died in 1919.

Analysis of one of Renoir?s painting

On the terrace is a painting by Renoir, consisting of a mother and child; this

was not an unusual topic to paint as Renoir often painted pictures close to his

heart and life in general. I chose this picture because as soon as I saw it I

feel in love with it, his stokes are very well constructed and the light that

shines on the water in the background shows that it was a perfect day for a

painting. The trees in the background are light stokes showing that he was not

worried about neatness and that the girl and the mother was his aim in the

picture. Even though the trees are roughly painted, they are still constructed

enough to know that they are trees.

The setting out of the picture is also very good nothing on the picture is

cramped up so that you could not tell that there was a girl and her mother in

the picture some water in the background and that they were sitting on a balcony



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