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There are many important things that happened in history. One of them would be World War II. This was a very important time in America. Many men and women during the holocaust were losing their lives because of one man s beliefs of ethnic cleansing. This was one of the lowest points in the history of the world. The U.S was forced to do something. When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor it lead to many years of blood, sweat and tears, which would eventually become worth it in the end. Our involvement in the war was crucial and led to the end of Hitler s reign and freedom to all Jews who were persecuted just because of their ethnic background. This was just one thing that was important in U.S History.

Another important thing that happened in U.S History would be the civil rights movement. In WWII we were fighting for the freedom of the Jews but persecuting the African American s in our own country. The black population in America were separate but equal. The blacks were by no means equal. They were required to go to separate schools. They weren t even allowed to drink out of the same water fountain. And rightly so this upset the African American population. The African Americans decided to protest led by great men such as Martin Luther King Jr. They practiced non violent forms of protesting which led eventually to the end of the separate but equal way of life.

A third important thing in U.S History would have to be Woodstock. Woodstock was held on a farm in New York and drew thousands of people to this great rock and roll concert. The theme of Woodstock was make love not war. Woodstock occurred during

the war and Vietnam in which thousands of U.S soldiers were killed. The young people in America were opposed to the war. This is why Woodstock was such a big event. It was a place were young people could protest the war peacefully. Also Woodstock was the birth of many Rock and Roll s greatest musicians.

There are many things in U.S History that had an important role on my life. It is hard to name just three. One thing that was very important to me was the birth of Rock and Roll. This has such a great impact on me because I love music. Music makes up a big part of my life. Rock musicians inspire me to become the best guitarist I can possibly become. Playing my guitar makes me happy. It causes me to be creative and use my talent to the best of my ability. If not for rock music I would not be able to over come my stress from school work or work.

Another great moment in U.S History would have to be the development of the computer. The computer has helped to make my life easier. Before the invention of the computer and the internet people were forced to use text books and encyclopedias. Now its as easy as popping in a disk and typing. It has also allowed me to write reports. Instead of hand writing a paper I am now able to type a paper in half the time it takes me to hand write one. I am very thankful for the computer.

The third thing in history that is important to me is the creation of the educational system. School helps to better my knowledge of the world around me. It also helps you to develop a large amount of responsibility. With out an education system most things we have today would be non existent.

There are many other important things that have happened in history. Its hard to name them all with out getting deep into each of them. The U.S has had the largest impact on the world and will continue to for many thousands of years. The U.S will always be a free nation were any one can achieve the American Dream as long as the set their mind to it.

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