Ibm Network Consulting And Integration


Ibm Network Consulting And Integration Essay, Research Paper

IBM Network Consulting and Integration


Applies proven methodologies for

cost-effective e-business initiatives

Offers comprehensive, end-to-end

multivendor network and infra-

structure solutions

Addresses network performance

and availability issues

Aligns your network strategy with

business goals and objectives

Implements a network that helps

support future business and

technology requirements

Address your e-business

network infrastructure

In today?s rapidly changing IT environ-

ment, implementing network solutions

and e-business applications can be

challenging. Rather than redirect valuable

resources or expand your staff, look to

IBM Network Consulting and Integration.

Our experienced consulting professionals

apply proven methodologies to help

develop an end-to-end, multivendor

network solution for your business and

IT needs?today and in the future.

Develop a comprehensive solution

Every network is unique, so our consultants

take a life cycle approach to consulting

and integration services. We can address

several, or all, of your network life cycle

elements?assessment, strategy,

architecture, design, planning, implemen-

tation and operational support services

to develop an infrastructure that can

support your e-business initiative.

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