I Was Alone


I Was Alone Essay, Research Paper

I was alone

in a world of hate

a world where difference

was a thing to hate

a world where everything

was as “God planned”

and what wasn’t

was branded and banned

I went along

like I believed

saving myself

from the ones who truely did

hating myself

for being them

while I was not the same

the ones who crucify me

are the ones who really are

the ones who have


the words

that are killing me right now.

The words that are casting me away

God’s words

My God

These are not your words

These are not your words

these are not your words

I believe in you

But these are not your words

It couldn’t be the only one

who reads my every thought

I believe what you say is right

so if that means

I have to hate

my very self

I can’t do it.

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