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I Want To Become President And Will Tell Why Essay, Research Paper

Who do you want to become president of the United States of America? In this Report I am going to tell you who I want to become president and why. I will cover the beliefs of my candidate and myself. I will cover all of the issues in the presidential race. Lastly I will cover where my candidate stands in the race according to the states preliminaries. I will use different types of resources so that my candidate?s beliefs are correct.

The issues in the presidential race are the concerns we the people of America have. The first issue is gun control; gun control is a major issue that American?s are concerned with. Gun control covers safeties for the guns, in example trigger locks are a safety modification they want to put on guns. Another thing is that they want you to carry a picture I.D card somewhat like the driver licenses so that if your caught with a gun it shows that you passed the safety test. The last thing the want to do for gun control is they want to require an extended waiting period for gun shows.

The next issue I will cover is abortion. This is another major concern for Americans. The main Points in the issue are that parental notification is required for minors. Another point is banning late term abortions. A point that has many different ways to look at it is only allowing abortions for rape and incest. The last point on abortion is only appointing pro-life judges.

Another issue that we have is individual rights. There are only two points in this issue,

and they are gay rights and affirmative action. This issue is another concern for some Americans.

The next issue that we have is education, the points in the education issue are allowing organized school prayer, and allowing school vouchers. This issue is a concern to those whom have children in school or going to school in the near future.

The following issue is crime and covered in the crime issue is making a constitutional amendment to outlaw flag burning. The next point is the death penalty and that means from getting away from using the death penalty to finding different ways for the death penalty to be executed.

The next issue we have is the foreign policy which states should the U.S. Should Get Involved in Countries With Widespread Persecution of an Ethnic Group and should the U.S. provide economic assistance to aid foreign countries and free trade with other countries.

Next we have health care which involves the main points of should Medicare cover prescription drugs, and should they require HMOs to treat patients covered by Medicare.

The issue that means a lot to a lot of people is taxes the main points are flat tax, cut in the capital gains tax, and tax credits for stay-at-home parents.

The political reform issue is the next issue that I bring to you. This issue covers public financing of political campaigns, and to outlaw soft money contributions, and contribution Limits for Individuals.

The last issue is welfare, in this issue they cover giving tax breaks for hiring welfare workers, welfare for legal immigrants, and federally funded child care for mothers on welfare.

My candidate Al Gore believes in the following points from the issues in the campaign. They are affirmative action, gay rights, death penalty, trigger locks, require extended waiting period for gun shows, and require photo licenses for gun carriers. According to The Associated Press (2000) Al Gore stated ”No. We must not loosen the restrictions on concealed weapons. I believe that, after all the gun violence we have seen, simple common sense dictates that we must have stricter gun control measures to keep guns out of the wrong hands, without unnecessarily imposing on the rights of law-abiding hunters and homeowners. He believes in free trade, economic assistance, and us involvement with other countries. He also believes in giving tax breaks for hiring welfare workers, welfare for legal immigrants and federally funded childcare for mothers on welfare. Lastly he believes in cutting into the capitol gains tax, and tax credits for stay at home parents.

My candidate does not believe in abortion, flag burning; school prayer, or a flat tax. According to MICHAEL WEISSKOPF (2000) when Al Gore floated a bold proposal last week to reform campaign financing–calling for an end to “soft money” contributions and the creation of a $7.1 billion endowment–he admitted that he is an “imperfect messenger for this cause.”

My beliefs in the issues are similar to my candidate. I believe in gun control to a certain extent. I think that trigger locks will help stop the deaths of minor with guns if the parents use the locks and keep the key away from the kids. I believe in the foreign policy, I believe in all the points of abortions except allowing only the mothers of rape and incest to have an abortion. I don?t believe in gay rights, I believe in the death penalty I believe that it should be a crime to burn a flag without a respectable reason. All of the other issues I cant say what I believe in because I?m not familiar enough with what they mean.

My candidate and I believe in most of the same issues and disagree in some of the same issues. The issues I was not familiar with I have no opinion on but he was for most of them. The issues I didn?t believe in were gay rights and my candidate somewhat favored gay rights according to (www.presidentmatch.com).

My candidate Al gore is 51 years old has three children, and he is married. He is the current vice president of the United States. According to (Nancy Gibbs) Bush said, says an aide, thinks Gore is “a phony and a cutthroat” and cannot wait to take him on. But through the research I have conducted I have found his placing in the primaries in January. His standings were January 20-22 he won 52%of the votes, January 21-23 he won 50% of the votes, Jan. 22-24 he won 51% of the votes. January 23-25 he won 53% of the votes. January 24-26 he won 57% of the votes. January 25-27 he won 56% of the votes. January 26-28 he won 51% of the votes. January 27-29 he won 48% of the votes, and January 28-30 he won 51% of the votes. According to (Gloria Glenn April, 00) ?Al Gore should become President because she is a democrat and since the democrats took over the presidency 8 years ago we have seen an improvement in the national debt and in the economy. I believe Al Gore should become president because he is the closest candidate in believing the same as me. He also served in office.

In conclusion Al Gore is my choice for president in 2000, because he has experience in office and we believe the same. If Al Gore wins Presidency this year I will be happy but all I can do is hope he wins and talk people into voting for him since I am only 17. The time is close for the election so lets see what happens.

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