I Need A Paper Bad


I Need A Paper Bad Essay, Research Paper

I just need a paper so I thought I would try to bull shit my way threw this. It is taking to much damn time to actually sit here and think of something to write. I need a paper on domestic violence but I figured that even though I have wrote what I have, that I wouldnt find jack once i got access to this site! Right now I have Cmt on tv and it has some stupid shit playing on it. HMMM i guess I only have 50 words right now so I have to bull shit some more. I have had to do papers before but I actually did those and the only reason im not posting them is because my copy and paste doesnt work! I made a’s and b’s on those but I put this paper off to long and its due tomorrow so Im kinda screwed I guess. In high school I played sports and one several awards. Oh by the way if you think about sending me an email sayin hey dont write stupid shit like this oh well I used someone else’s email. I really wanted to go play some basketball tonight but instead I had to stay here and write this stupid shit! The phone just rang it was some guy for my father. Hey lets see if I can tell u this joke! Ok this guy is sitting at the bar drinking away. He watches this guy get up and walk over to this window and he jumps out! The drunk guy runs over to the window but there is no onelaying on the pavement below. He goes back sits down and starts drinking some more and the guy who just jumped out the window comes back in and walks right back over to the window and jumps out! The drunk guy goes over to the window looks out no one is there! He says well if he can do it I can do it so he hops up on the window seal and jumps out! Splat! Meanwhile back in the bar the guy that jumped out walks back in. The bar tender says “Damn super man everyone has a bad day when u have one.” That shit wasnt to funny was it! Hold on a sec lets see if I have almost 500 words yet!

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