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The Big Bitch

Tonight was the first of November, one year after his wife was killed. The night sky was clouded over, the rain was pouring down. Brian was driving his police car back to the station were his shift would end. Brian remembered it like it was yesterday. They were at a B.B.Q. when it happened. They were parting because Brian had just busted a rapist. The rapist was Joe?s brother. The parting continued throughout the night. Like a flash of lightning it was all over. Brian?s wife Liz had just been shot. Brian?s suit was covered in blood, his hands were trembling. Liz had fell to the ground. Brian sat beside her in disbelief, yelling ?Liz, Liz wake up. Wake up. Oh dear god this can?t be happening.? Brian held his wife in his hands, she was dead.

(CHRIRRRRT) The C.B. radio went off. Brian had one last call for the night. It was the sniper who killed his wife. Brian was filled with anger. ?I?ll be there in ten minutes” Brian said as he put the sirens on. Brian?s mind was full of thoughts of revenge. Ways to kill the basterd for killing her wife. More news came over the radio ?We have an I.D. on the suspect. His name is Joe.? When Brian got to the seen of the crime he found out that his mother was shot twice in the head, just like his wife. His mother was out on her balcony smoking up the new joint she had just rolled up when she was shot. She fell from her 13 story apartment. She had landed on her neighbours pick-up truck. Her legs were on the roof of the pick-up while her upper body was at least a foot away from her legs. The yellow pick-up truck was now red. there was a crack in the windshield were blood seeped through and soaked the seats. There were very little remains of her head. Brains were splattered all over the packing lot. Brian?s mother was 79 years old. It was 2 days until her 80th birthday, one that she will never see.

Brian was on his way home trying to figure out a way to tell Joanne the news about her grand mother. Joanne was 7 years old. As Brian came around the corner he seen a raging inferno that turns out to be his house. Brian calls for the fire department when he sees Joanne jump out a window on the third story of the house. She was engulfed in flames. Her skin was melting away into the lawn. She had no chance in hell of surving this ordeal. Brian couldn?t get to joanne in time because the fire was to hot to get close enough. Brian released that the killer was not going to stop the murdering of his friends and family unless Brian killed the basterd.

The next day Brian decided to find Joe. He starts out by eating some breakfast. While eating some McDonalds the C.B. goes off. ?Man with flamethougher casing innocent people.? Brian figures this is his man, He starts the car and drives off to the address. He slows down when he sees the man. Seeing he has no back up Brian goes it alone. Joe turns around and sees Brian. ?So you think you think you could stop me?? Joe says with a laugh.

?I don?t know but I sure as hell am going to try.? Brian says while putting on brass knuckles.

?Your family seemed so nice, it was ashamed I had to kill all of them.?

Joe went to relight his flamethougher but was caught off guard with a good blow to the head. Joe dropped the flamthrougher and they got into a fist fight. Joe had gotten a few good punches to the head but most were to the stomach. Brian was saving his strength for one good blow. Brian saw an opening, it was time to use the brass knuckles.

Joe went down into a crumpled heap. Brian had put the hand cuffs on Joe and walked to the police car while Joe was out cold. When Joe came to, Brian forced Joe to kneel down. Brian put the shotgun to the back of Joe?s head. Brian couldn?t decide weather or not to kill Joe. Brian could see how scared Joe was because he was sweating so much. Brian decided to kill Joe. As he pulled the trigger Brian?s partner walked around the corner. BANG. Joe’s head and brains went all over Brian?s partner. Brian?s partner fell to the ground because most of the shot from the gun had hit him. His stomach was ripped open, you could see bare bones sticking out of his partners body. you could also see some of his intestines hanging out of his body. His breakfast is still being digested and you could see the food coming out of the hanging tubes. His shirt was now blood red. He would be dead soon. Brian was arrested for first-degree murder. He was sentenced to life imprisonment with no parole. Brian thought to himself ?Was it really worth it??

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