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I-Search Paper

In the next few years, life will quickly pass by and the next thing

people will realize is that the class of 2002 will have graduated and we, the

class, will be out in the real world, living our lives, trying to make the best

out of life. In order for many people, including myself, having things you

want and having a ?good? life you need money. Money isn?t always the key to

life, it just helps you out in the long run when you do need things, but in

order to get those little things you need a good job or just really rich

relatives. Now for me, finding a job is important because I do have very,

very expensive taste and I?m not the greatest person if I don?t get those

things because I was spoiled when I was younger. As a starting point I would

like to try finding a job that would relate to cosmetology, but as a teenager

I don?t think that finding a job like that is guaranteed. But it is never to

early or too late to begin looking. Interviewing a licensed cosmetologist

would be the best way to find out information about the career and what

they?re personal pro?s and con?s of their field of work, and as that idea of

having an interview I went to my hair stylist, Lisa, and I asked her questions

about hair, nails, make-up and such. Some of her responses were surprising,

for example, for hair, to get some colors you must mix 2, or more colors to

create the ideal color that your customer desires, that your booked all day

or sometimes have nothing to do except for clean up your station (depending

on where you work) and organize you materials or just have a day off. From

hearing these things it doesn?t change my perspective on the career, it just

makes it more interesting to me.

?What made you choose this job??

?I choose this job because it was something that I always wanted to

be, and it was something I thought that I would love doing when I became an


?What did you do before you became a licensed cosmetologist??

?Actually, I didn?t really work that much. My mom was also a

cosmetologist and my dad had a lot of money so even though I was 18 and

still lived at home I didn?t work that much. I worked at a department store,

while I was taking night classes for my license.?

?Were there ever times that you that you got sick of your customers

and your co-workers that made your job not seem as great as you thought it

would be??

?I never had problems with any of my co-workers, but the customers?

Now that?s a whole different story. People aren?t as nice as they can look.

For instance, this one lady asked for a perm, and as you know, perms do have

a tendency to come out. Her hair was dead straight and she asked me to

permanent it with ringlet curls. I did, a month later the same woman came

back demanding her money back for the longest time and called me up

everyday for weeks about it. I even lost business from some people that she

knew that came to me because of this. Even though it may be called a

permanent its not always guaranteed. The majority of the time it is

permanent but everyone has different types of hair and if it doesn?t work,

then it just wasn?t meant for you.?

?If there was anything you could change about high school, what would it be??

?Change? For the most part, I wouldn?t really change much. High

school was great for me now that I think about it, it really are the best days

of your life. I think that I would change my grades. I never did that good, I

was always average, my parents wanted me to have set higher standards for

school but I never did, I was happy with the Cs and Ds I got as long as I was

passing. That was something that I think was stupid now that I look back at

it. I really wanted to be like all of my friends and go off to real colleges,

but I?m actually glad I choose this path, I?m so happy with my life and my

career. So actually no, I wouldn?t change a thing. If I did I probably

wouldn?t be here right now.?

My interview with Lisa made me realize that there is actually a lot

work that is involved in cosmetology, even though there may be long hours

and dealing with bad customers, and perfecting everything you do, I think

its something I really would like to do when after I graduate high school and

go to a trade school to get become a licensed cosmetologist. Most girls my

say that they want to become a cosmetologist because its all about make-up

and hair and it would be ?fun?. I know that its not exactly the best job

you could choose from, but its something that really interests me and I hope

that by the time I turn 18 and realize ?Wow, I?m free? I will know exactly

what I can do and where I can go to start out. This I-Search paper actually

gives me, and others a better view on life and that these things that we are

thinking about careers aren?t fantasies. This will be reality in 2 or 3 years,

and its better to start now and get a grasp on life before we are forced to

be out in the real world and wish that you had started this type of thinking

when you were younger.

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