How To Snow Board


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How To Snowboard

You re standing at the edge of the slope. You look down at the endless road of snow and a sense of concern overwhelms you. Freezing and fearful, you wish you had taken a lesson. It is essential to learn the basics of snowboarding, before attempting to master the sport.

First, you must decide of the time of day. An early start is recommended since it gets very crowded. Most lifts open at nine o clock. Also, consider the weather condition. Check weather forecasts before arrival. Wear many removable layers of clothing, and always be sure the outermost layer is 100% waterproof. Also, always wear goggles. Visibility and eye protection is very important.

Second, before hopping on the lift, you should become familiar with the parts of the snowboard. Always wear the right size boots, and make sure they support on your ankles. Wearing boots that are too tight can leave you with sore ankles or chin splints. After choosing the perfect boot, consider your choice of binding. The bindings are what clip your boots to the board. There are two different types of bindings. The clipping binding has a calf support in the back, and has two clips that snap around your boot. This type of binding is the safest. The other type of binding, the step-in, is made to just step directly on the board. This one has no safely clip or back support. It is less of a hassle, but most people do not feel as safe in them. I suggest the clipping binding, because I feel the extra support on my calves gives me more control. Once you have decided on the binding, choose your board. Snowboards are made customized. They vary in length and

weight depending on the size and height of the rider. The snowboard is measured in inches. Children ride between a 38 -43 . Women usually ride between 45 -53. For men, the sizes can run from 55 -65 .

After choosing all the proper equipment, it is now time to approach the lift. The lift assistant will line you into the path of the chair. Lean back as you feel the chair picking you up. Grasp the handlebars of the chair as it lifts you. Failure to do this will cause you to fall off and you could get ran over by the chair (This knowledge comes from a very humiliating personal experience). The ride on the lift takes about five to ten minutes, but this depends on which run you choose. As you approach the end of the lift, it is advised to signal the assistant to slow the lift down. Most beginners find the lift runs too fast to exit safely. Sit on the edge of the chair and ski off to the start of the run.

Okay, now that you re safely off the lift, and strapped in, let s go! The key is to stay parallel with the hill. Keep you knees soft and slightly bent. This will enable you to turn. Since the hill can be very steep, it is important to have control to slow down and also came to a complete stop. To do either, take your back foot and pull it forward while digging into the snow. This will bring you perpendicular with the hill. Slowing down takes a lot of practice. Do keep in mind; however, that you will definitely takes a few plunges. Try not to get discouraged and remember that it is very normal to spend most of the time on your behind than actually skiing. This brings us to the next step.

Safety is the most important factor in snowboarding. Snowboarding can be a very fast and dangerous sport, so knowing snowboard safety is vital. Basically, the faster you ride, the harder you fall. It is depending on how you fall that makes all the difference. If you find yourself loosing control and fall, do not ever catch yourself with your wrists. It is a natural reaction to catch a fall by bracing yourself with your wrists, but this can cause a lot of damage. It can possibly lead to sprained or broken wrists. Furthermore, if you land on your wrists, your elbows are likely to lockout, leaving you with dislocated elbows. To avoid these painful outcomes, always catch yourself on your elbows. Your elbows will not get hurt because they are cushioned in the snow. So always remember, it is critical to absorb the fall with the elbows.

As you approach the end of the trail, gradually slow down. The hill becomes flat, so to continue movement, unbuckle or clip out of one binding, and skate to your next destination. After a few hours, I would suggest taking a break and heading to the lodge. There, you can enjoy some warm coffee or hot cocoa, and sit in front of the fireplace.

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