How I Learned To Ski


How I Learned To Ski Essay, Research Paper


I Love to snow ski, to me it is the epitome of excitement. I first tried to ski when I was only about four years old. My father, who is a tremendous skier, thought he should teach his first son just how to ski. Through practice and time I have made my father a happy teacher. I owe all my skiing knowledge to my father who has spent hour upon hour teaching me the so called “tricks of the trade”. However, I have broken more than one bone learning what proves to be a very intense and serious sport and you should not take the excitment for granted.

I got started when my dad entered a powder eight contest, that?s when you and a partner go down the hill and make the number eight in the snow with your skies, the team with the best looking eight?s win. As usually my father won, and that day was when he first taught me how to ski. He showed me how to snow-plow down a hill, that is your first move you learn upon skiing, then he so ever willingly took me to the bunny hill and watched intently as if he remembers when he was that age and how strange and awkward he felt with those clumsy skis and big boots. That day was so hot but yet the snow remained and kept falling from the ski. Then my father showed me the basic techniques he acquired while learning how to ski, you see there is no standard way to ski everyone has to find their own style of skiing or snowboarding . As you can find out this sport is not something you do good at right away, it takes time and practice to become good.

When I got older we would go to bigger mountains in Colorado where he lives, we would spend all day skiing down difficult runs called double diamonds, that is the hardest run on the slopes. At first it was hard for me to keep up with my fathers tremendous speed and coordination he could really move down a mountain, for an amateur skier he was a real pro to me, I would try and copy his style for it was one that I learned very well. When I was able to find the style that best suited me I was amazed at how fast I had learned to ski, know when my father and I went down the mountain he was the one who had to keep up with me for I was what he envisioned his son to become a very experienced skier.

These days my father still teaches me new things that better my skills as a skier, you are never to old to learn something new. I have also been focusing most of my attention to mogul skiing, that is rows of bumps in the snow about a foot and half feet high, made by a machine so that a skier can learn the real meaning of how to ski. Moguls are by far the hardest thing to learn about skiing and it takes a long time to adjust yourself to the bumps that you have to ski over. I still go skiing with my father who resides in Steamboat Springs, Colorado home to one of the best resorts in the nation, which is properly named Steamboat. We do most of our skiing there know a days, so you can see if it wasn?t for my father teaching me how to ski I would probably not be so fascinated by this incredible and breath -taking sport.

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