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Homecoming Night

October is normally a very chilly time, but tonight was

different it was actually quite pleasant with a great, cool, calm

breeze. You could hear the crickets chirping in the meadow

across from the football field. Everybody was out enjoying the

beautiful weather for fall. It was a great night for a football game.

As I stood on the fifty-yard line I remember thinking,

?Please God, don?t let me trip while I?m walking up.? After saying

my little prayer, I looked up and saw so many faces, some that I

knew and other that I have never seen before.

?Oh mom, please stop taking so many pictures, I can?t see

any more.?Even though, deep down inside I was loving every

moment of fame my mother was giving me. The band was

playing Hero; the drums were a little off, but it was still good.

The bright, white stadium lights were shimmering like stars. The

stands were packed with people that were here to see the Ridge

Lions vs. our rivals Bedford Bisons, but not only that, it was our

senior year, our last homecoming football game and the last one

of the century.

I can remember the announcer saying my best friends,

name, ?Brandi Claycomb, escorted by her father Joe Claycomb.

Brandi is involved in many of our activities at Ridge, such as . . .?

?Oh my God, I?m next,? I thought as my uncle squeezed my

shoulder, he calmly looked at me and said, ?Don?t worry!? The

announcer finally said, ?Rebekah Ritchey escorted by her uncle

Glenn Bowser. Becky is involved in many of activities at ridge,

such as . . . ? ?Well, I made it down the line, now I have to wait of

one more girl to be announced Kim Sarver . . . ? Finally the last

of five candidates have been called. You could see the look of

proudness on my family?s face as I stood there with my Uncle

Glenn. When the announcer announced last years queen,

everybody knew that it was time for a new queen to be crowned.

I looked at my uncle and said, ?Natalie Boyer.? Just as I said

that the announcer called my name, Rebekah Ritchey. My

friends were screaming so loud. It could be heard ten miles

away. My squad cheered. My friend Amy dropped her clarinet

and started yelling, and my mom and sister were crying and

taking pictures.

I couldn?t believe they called my name, a lot of people were

shocked, but other people were just, Wow, Rebekah, I

remember her when she was so young. Cameras flashing, yells

of joy, video?s taping, and people talking, these were all

happening at once. I was so excited that I was crying.

When Sarah Pittman crowned me the squad did a line of

mounts, and they were the best ones that they have ever done.

After, what seemed like a brief minute, the pre game was done

and out came our team! The crowd was on their feet, dancing to

the band, and clapping their hands. Game time! I quickly ran to

my mom, hugged her and left to change, of course after a million

more pictures. I made it down with three minutes left in the first

quarter, and we were actually winning six to zero. Needless to

say, after the game, the final score was thirty-six to six. We may

have lost, but I had a great time.

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