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My mane is Max klutz; I was born in Berlin Germany in 1910. I was race as a good Christian child together with my two-year younger sister Jane. My mother took us to church every Sunday, and we strongly believe and follow the Christian faith and traditions.

My father owned the biggest bakery known in Berlin, ?Mine Bred? it was almost the size of the whole block and sixty people worked there. This bakery was founded in the 1870s by my grandfather and now it belongs to my father. The bakery, as well as my father was well known in Berlin. My father was consider a national hero and received much recognition for his outstanding performance in World War I. for me he was a tangible guide and a model to follow. I admire my father very much. When I turned six years old my mother took me to the ?Berlin Elementary school? were I meet many off my companions and friends for the next stage of my life. Among the kids I meet in school there was one in particular that I like the most. I identify myself with him. His name was Moshe Hirsh, the younger son of the very well known banker Mr. Mendel Hirsh. Sins the day I meet Moshe I found a connection with him, we understand each other quite well. We like to play the same ball games and we always protect each other. One of the things I liked the best about Moshe, is that we live in the same street. And I get to play with him also after school. My mother always advise my to pick my friends carefully because you never know when you might need help. She was proud of me for having Moshe as my best friend. She knew I could count on him. She had no dougth that this relationship was going to last for a very long time. My mother soon gets to know Moshe?s mother Jana; they also like each other. Often, they got together to have tee and talk about my friendship with Moshe.

In winter, very day after class eider Moshe went to my house or I went to his house to play all around the house, it was to cold to be outside.

My family and me saw Moshe as part of the family and he was invited to any kind of family reunion that we had. He was like my blood brother, the one I always wanted.

In 1922 we were both twelve and Moshe started studying for his Bar mitzvah for the following year. I didn?t understand what was the bar mitzvah. My mother explained me that there are many religions and that we are not all Christians. She also explained that one of the other religions is the Jewish, and that Moshe happened to be Jewish. She also told me that there is nothing wrong of being Jewish. Also that and there is a Jewish tradition and a custom called, Bar Mitzvah. This happens when male Jewish children turned thirteen and they are ready to take responsibility for his own acts in the eye of God. I rapidly understood the explanation and I kind of liked the idea, I also wanted to do a Bar Mitzvah like Moshe but I quickly understand that Christians don?t do Bar mitzvahs.

In September 12 1923 The Hirsh invited me to the big day Moshe?s Bar Mitzvah. I was very exited to go and Moshe was very happy for the event and for having me there. That day many questions came up to my mind because the entire paring was in Hebrew and Yiddish. All this got clear when the ceremony was over and Moshe?s father explain me what was all about, very simply and detailed.

A few years later in 1938, June 16 I turned eighteen and was ready to enter the famous ?Technische Universitat Berlin?. The campus was immense and I didn?t recognize any of the faces. I was not alone, as always Moshe was with me. We even register for the same classes. We both wanted to become civil engineers.

Since the day I entered the university everything started to move very rapidly in my education. The university was hard and demanding I couldn?t keep with all the hard work and I planed to drop out. But as always Moshe was there for me, he convince me of not doing so and he spend extra time with me every day after school to help me out with my homework and assignments.

Fortunately my families as well as Moshe?s family were very good established in the German economy of Berlin. But this was not the case of the majority of the German families on this time. There was a strong economical end political instability.


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