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Henry IV, A Look at a Machiavellian Ruler

When looking at Henry IV while studying Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince, one can see that henry was extremely Machiavellian in his ways. The Prince, written by Machiavelli, was written to guide a ruler in the key concepts of being able to have a kingdom that endures and to obtain and control and power in order to succeed during his reign. Henry IV, also know as Henry of Navarre, was Machiavellian in many different ways which range from his choice of an advisor, the Duke of Sully, to his ability change his religion faith when ever it suited him. When looking at Henry IV and comparing him to the major concepts that The Price looks at you must start with the military duties of a ruler, which is the first key concept that Machiavelli looks at.

When discussing the idea of military art form, Machiavelli feels that “the quickest way to lose a state is to neglect this art; the quickest way to get one is to study it” (Machiavelli 30). With this in mind while observing Henry IV through the Memoirs of his chief advisor, the Duke of Sully, one can see that Henry took Machiavelli’s words to heart. Sully says that Henry “began early to discover those great talents for war which have distinguished him among other princes” (Sully 57).

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