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Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix lived his life as a Musician, Guitarist, Singer and Songwriter.

He also pioneered the electric guitar, a right handed Fender Strat, upside-down and

left-handed. He was one of the most original and influential people of all time.

James Marshall Hendrix was born November 27, 1942 in Seattle,

Washington. He taught himself to play in his school boy days. He then enlisted

himself in the Army as a parachute jumper, but an injury led to discharge. He then

became a session guitarist known as Jimmy James. After gigging with Little

Richard in 1964, he got entangled in a contract dispute and left to form his own

band, Jimmy James and the Blue Flames. One night at a New York club, Chas

Chandler encountered him and in the fall of 1966, took him to London.

After Making several albums including; Axis: Bold as Love and Electric

Ladyland, Hendrix and bassist Redding grew apart and intoxicated by

over-indulgence in drugs, Hendrix thought that Management was cheating him. In

1969 the Experience disbanded. In the summer of ?69 he played at woodstock.

He later formed the Band of Gypsies, and started a double album in the

mid-1970?s, but was never finished when he died September 18, 1970, due to

inhalation of vomit after barbiturate intoxication.

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