Helen’s Garden Essay, Research Paper


Helen s Garden

With the advent of the warm season upon me I decided to explore my new

surroundings in a new town. I had driven past a beautiful garden setting

several times downtown and today decided to stop and see this wonderful place.

When I first drove in and parked I was hit with a profusion of vibrant colors,

with hues of many shades. Upon entering, I became bewitched by the multitude of

fragrance that abounds. Dispersed strategically were several benches donated by

families, made for the escape into the drawled and drowsed afternoon. The sun

shone upon one bench with a bright sheen while the others were in shade still.

As I meander along the paths I am inexplicably drawn toward a beautiful

fountain, where the soft shimmering afternoon light is reflected off the waters

surface. The fine cool sheen of the spray played out over the cropped lawns.

Enjoying this fountain was a mother and her two little girls in vivid

pink Easter dress with the mother getting a picture for posterity. As I

continued on in my journey, I wondered of the secrets of the dark green shrubs

that abounded the boundaries of the garden. Lost in my own thoughts, I became

aware of being overshadowed suddenly with thick storm clouds. As I looked up, I

was impressed to behold a majestic giant oak tree waving its branches in the

wind as if fervently reaching to touch these clouds. I realized then that I had

little time left to enjoy this wondrous place. I hurried on intent upon leaving

before the winds brought the rain. As I passed a bench I saw a caterpillar, I

marveled at its beauty. It seemed so slow and impervious to all. I could not

resist, earlier I had passed a butterfly house so I gathered up the caterpillar

carefully and took it gently to the butterfly house where I released it. The

rains came and the winds blew as I hurried to my car. One day, I will be back I


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