Hebrew Text And Fonts


Hebrew Text And Fonts Essay, Research Paper

Hebrew Text and Fonts

Today’s written language is quickly becoming history. Just as the carved

tablet has become a conversation piece in the archeologist’s living room, the

written language is quickly becoming as ancient as the dead sea scrolls.

A new form of visual communication is taking over the entire world.

Languages from across this widespread planet are now becoming more accessible

to ever culture. As the pen and pencil begin to disappear into the history

books, keyboards and monitors are making it easier for people to communicate in

fast and effective ways.

The Hebrew Language has always been mysterious and bastardized, composed

of ancient Greek and Egyptian symbol derivatives. The language eventually

became independant, although it remains very mysterious, and is used mainly by

the Israelites. Hebrew writing has now taken a new form , a form of which the

English language has taken for many years. This new form called ?type? is not

new by any means, however, up until a few years ago, it was impossible to find a

Hebrew Typeface on any word processing unite unless it was a specialized

typewriter made in Jerusalem. The new Hebrew type has now been transformed

into a computer compatible typeface found in two forms; script and print. The

script form of the Hebrew type is equal to the commonly used italic form of the

English typeface. Hebrew print form is a more linear and boxy form of the

hebrew lettering.

The Hebrew fonts and word processing software is easily downloadable to

anyone though access to the internet. These programs are not compatible with

English software but work on their own to allow for the ease of typing and

printing of Hebrew documents. They also allow for communication and access of

the Hebrew language through the internet and e-mail.

Through this new step we see that the written language has taken another

step forward in it’s evolution. Language has become more easily understood

by other cultures and has diminished the distance and the miscommunication

between what at times seems to be a completely different world.

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