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Stephen Hawkings is the most honored physicist in out time.He has battled against what is known as Lou Gehrig s disease for some thirty years. Presently, he is unable to communicate without his computer, but Hawkings is still very active in the field.

Stephen Hawkings was born on January 8, 1942 in oxford, England. He went to oxford to pursue his degree in physics and after three years and not very much work he was award a first class honors degree. Stephen then went on to Cambridge to do research in Cosmology, there being no one working in that area at Oxford at the time. Much of his work has dealt with the black hole concept. His research indicates that general relativity, if true, supports the big bang theory of the creation of the universe It further suggested that the big bang arose from a singularity, or a point of infinite distortion of space and time. He later refined this concept by viewing all such scientific theories as secondary attempts to describe a reality in which concepts such as singularities have no meaning, and where space and time form a closed surface without boundary. He also discovered that black holes should not be completely black, but should emit radiation and eventually evaporate and disappear.

During his work in Cambridge, Stephen Hawkings held the chair as Lucasian professor of mathematics which was once held by Newton.

Hawking still clearly insists that what we think of as real time has a beginning at the Big Bang, some ten to twenty billion years ago. And no one who knows much of anything about the universe is debating that issue. The evidence for the Big Bang event is conclusive, possibly irrefutable. Time as we understand it has a beginning.

I believe that the universe had a beginning at the big bang and that s how the universe is constantly changing, however, the idea of the big bang is still young and only time can prove if it s right or wrong.

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