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As our plane started to descend, I began to see the beauty of this tropical island. The first view I saw was the flowing clear water below me. A few hundred more feet closer to the ground, the island of Oahu became more distinct. Palm trees appeared to surround the airport. I finally made it to possibly the most envied island in the world. I have been told many stories about Hawaii, but nothing compared to my first impression.

The smell of the freshness was overwhelming! Everywhere I looked I saw a new species of flower. Soft, comfortable colors were everywhere. The feel of the atmosphere brought content to the first few hours in an unfamiliar state. Everyone around was so relaxed and was the friendliest people who I have ever met.

The next step was to find the hotel we were going to stay at for the next nine days. When we reached the hotel, one thing that I noticed was that there were not walls in the lobby. It was like a vast patio porch, very incredible. The breeze felt like the first day of summer in Michigan. The room we were assigned to stay in had a spectacular view of the innocent Pacific Ocean.

The following morning I woke up and ventured out on the balcony took a deep breath and smelled nothing but the refreshing scent of flowers and fresh fruit. This first day we were off to Hanauma Bay to go snorkeling and explore the exotic fish that lived in this coral reef. The colors of the fish that were seen were countless. The crash of the waves against the naturally created, monstrous rocks along the coral reef were amazing.

Pearl Harbor was the most emotional experience for most of the visitors. I also was privileged enough to be able to admire this historical sight. The vision of oil still spilling from the sunken ship was breathtaking. There were many flashes seen as I arrived at the memorial; pictures were being taken every second. There was a list of names on a carved stone wall representing the soldiers who lost their lives in the tragic event.

Wherever we went, the sun was shining at its highest light. Once and a while there would be a sprinkle of rain or two. There was not worry, because this would only last for about five or ten minutes. The weather in Hawaii was absolutely gorgeous every day. The beach visits were on the top of my list as a favorite. The rolling waves a few feet away were awesome. White and black speckled seagulls would practically walk up to me looking for some kind of food.

I had the pleasure of watching a real Hawaiian Show. The talented dancers made the steps look so effortless as they moved their bodies to the Hawaiian music. There were many tricks that the dancers demonstrated to us that seemed impossible to the average person. Some showman would have a lighted torch and throw it up in the air and some how catch it while they were dancing.

The experience of visiting the island of Oahu, Hawaii was the most interesting trip that I could ever have taken. There was so much to learn about the culture and the historical sights. I spent nine days at this place but could have stayed there for an entire month. I would recommend this extraordinary experience to anyone who wants to expand his or her horizons.

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