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Happiness Description Essay, Research Paper

Happiness dwells in each and every person at sometime or another. Happiness is

described as lucky, fortunate, joyous, showing pleasure, and cheerfulness. Each

of these terms depicts an apparent image of this meaningful word. Nothing is

better than having a good time and usually the only time this happens is when

happiness is present. There are several ways in which anyone can reach

happiness: Nature, Feelings, Attitude, Friends, and Materialistic objects. In

nature there are many things that issue out certain attitudes. For example, when

many people retreat to the hidden world of the upper peninsula, they are

breathlessly entrapped in the crystal-clear puddle of Lake Superior. The endless

amounts of unrestrained animals overflow the log filled forest giving its

audience a ?Kodak moment?. The vibrant colors of certain species give vibes

of comfortability, thus happy moods evolve. Henceforth, if there is a gloomy day

then most attitudes are pointed to isolating themselves from the dim world

outside. The emotions and feelings are heavily effected by the environment that

one is in. The emotions cause many physical features which are used to identify

happiness. There is basically an equation that one can follow to help grasp the

idea of happiness: ENVIRONMENT + EMOTIONS = ENERGY. When people are in

sufficient environments and have good emotions they receive high energy levels.

When people are energized they are happy and one physical feature is the raise

in the corners of your mouth; also known as the smile. When people are disgusted

or upset they are not smiling, instead they frown. Occasionally with the

frequent smile there comes a laugh, which is also another form of the physical

feature that displays happiness. Rarely is there ever a time that a person

starts to laugh or smile when they?re alone. The time that a person is most

likely to have fun and smile is usually during the time spent with friends.

Friends persuade others to laugh and have the ability to make the best of the

time that is limited. Although in today?s world many people might think they

have friends yet in the end they aren?t really their friends. Money forces

this subject to be true. Many people are rich and many people are poor, yet that

doesn?t have to distinguish the amount of friends they have. Money can get

many things in life like toys, gadgets, books, and even tickets to sporting

events and movies, yet money can?t buy friends. That?s not to say that a

little money might help one with the ladies. Despite that fact, once one?s

time is filled with true friends, one?s life can?t get much better. With out

happiness the world may not have come this far. People need peace in their lives

and happiness gives them this gift tranquillity. Emotions, Smiles, Friends and

Nature; all are essential in the quest for happiness. In the end, happiness

cannot be bought.

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