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makes a complete turn in thoughts as he is forced to see certain realities.

At the start of Reverend Hale?s metamorphosis he is sure of himself and of his belief, in witches, that he even inadvertently eases their lying. When Hale arrives with half a dozen books at Parris? house he is described as, ??Coming into Salem now, Reverend Hale conceives himself as much as a young doctor on his first call. His painfully acquired armory of symptoms, catchwords, and diagnostic procedures are now to be put to use at last?? (36). Hale completely believes in his work, and he thinks that he is going to be doing some legitimate work. At this point when he meets Parris and the girls who have been ?? bewitched?? he encourages them to talk about their being bewitched, and puts some words into their mouths, but he only does this because he really believes in witches, and believes the girls? stori

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