Gun Violence


Gun Violence Essay, Research Paper

I believe that it is time for laws that govern guns to be tightened and a compromise to be made between gun banning and complete gun freedom.

First I strongly believe that the gun owners must be responsible for their guns, no matter who gets a hold of them or how. A gun is a deadly weapon and if you own one and it is used in a crime, you should bear some responsibility. People need to be responsible for their dogs, and although some dogs are dangerous, they are much less dangerous than a gun. If a dog owner allows his dog to roam, and a person is seriously injured because of it, the owner is held in part accountable. Guns should be dealt with in the same way. This means storing them in such a manner that they cannot be stolen or are easily accessible to children. If gun owners can t be responsible for their own weapons, they should not own one.

Second, I think that gun licenses and owner licenses should require a test. We require to both our automobiles and their drivers to take an examination before entering traffic. Because of this, drivers have a certain level of skill before getting on the road (not to say there are no bad drivers). Education about guns would result the responsible storage and usage of these deadly weapons. It would also give a potential victim a better chance of protecting himself in the event of an attack. Many people believe that a household that owns a gun is running the risk of having it used upon themselves. However, if everyone in the household were taught the proper way to use a gun, this likelihood would decrease. It is true that guns are deadly weapons, but they also a form of self-defense. A criminal that enters your home, or approaches you on the street is more likely to think twice if you can point your gun back with knowledge and skill. A person with a gun as well as the knowledge to use it, no matter their size or strength, is a much more formidable opponent them a person with pepper-spray. I also believe that if a person is educated about the gun itself and what its capabilities are, then people would have a greater respect for them.

Finally, I support a waiting period and the keeping of gun ownership records. If a law-abiding citizen feels the need to protect himself, this period can be used to teach him about the gun, and the laws that currently govern its use. Also, this would give the government enough time to do a background check to make sure guns to not fall into the wrong hands.

I realize that this is by no means a cure all for the end of gun violence. I realize that there are criminals out there with no respect for the law and if they want a gun they will probably get it, but the answer to stopping these criminals is not in taking away all guns from innocent, law-abiding citizens. The only thing this would result in is the complete upperhand given to criminals. A better solution is to educate the public about guns and try to make these deadly weapons a force to be reckoned with on both sides. I am not saying that guns are for everyone, or that we should become a generation full of snipers. I am simply saying that unfortunately gun violence has become a problem in our country, and everyone has the right to protect themselves responsibly and knowledgably.

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