Gun Report


Gun Report Essay, Research Paper

Gun Control Report for the

History/Social Science Department

At San Marcos High School

Sean Merzbacher

Economics Period 2


Gun control report for the

History/Social Sciences Department

At San Marcos High School

During recent debates it has been proven that gun control must be enforced, for example, the recent slaughter of fourteen students and one teacher at a suburban Colorado high school. According to the congress, they are pushing for mandatory child safety locks and tougher back round checks. In my opinion there should be many more restrictions on guns and it should be a lot more difficult to aquire a fire arm. I have three proposals in order to keep firearms out of the wrong hands.

?h One should have to go through a class and receive a ??c?? or better.

?h One should be under a contract that nothing illegal will be done with the firearm or the owner of the gun should receive 10 years in solitary prison pending on the crime.

?h There should be a limit on firearms purchased by one person.

There are many different points of view when it comes to gun control.

Some believe that the amount of laws already set on guns are and infringement of their constitutional right to bear arms. Others oppose by saying, ??back round checks at gun shows would slow weapon sales, as the waiting period would out last the gun show itself.?? The N.R.A. (national riffle association), says, ??More gun control laws wouldn??t have to be made if current laws were enforced??.

On the other hand, Gun control advocates support even stricter provisions. They are pushing for a limit on one handgun purchase a month. Some gun control advocates even want to raise the legal age to purchase a firearm to twenty-one, instead of the current law, which is eighteen. I support the gun control advocate 100% because even if current law was enforced there would still be those who didn??t abide by it. That just proves the fact that American citizens need stronger gun control.

Small arms, such as handguns, are weapons of choice in most internal conflicts for a number of reasons. These reasons include, that handguns are widely obtainable, relatively cheap, deadly, easy to use, and easy to transport. Some citizens are even allowed to have anything from pistols and hunting guns to military-type assault weapons. These may be extreme cases of gun acquisition, but it is still a serious factor to gun control and gun laws. Those who plan on having a gun for simple recrational activity should realize the seriousness of the laws that protect the firearms.

In conclusion I have thought about gun control, the laws to do with it, the laws trying to be made about it, and the opinions of both sides of the long lasting argument, which is yet to be solved. I believe the laws have been made to protect us. I also want every necessary law to be attributed in order to keep fire arms out or the wrong hands.


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