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?Men are expected to be breadwinners, aggressive, and ambitious. Women are expected to be homemakers, passive, and dependent. Consequently, the sexes tend to behave differently. These are the views that Americans have for both men and women.? This not only is wrong but here in the United States it is a far too common site. If you look at other regions of the world sure there is concept of the wife at home and the father supports the family. Here it is just such a big deal. As we grow up with one working parents we feel that we should follow in their foot steps and do the same thing. We need to get away from that; women should be able to go to college and to get a job. They should not always be the ones who cook, clean, and take care of the kids. All in all the goal of this paper is to realize that anywhere you go in the world things are going to be different. There is no way to stop that, sue there will be similarities especially with the US since everyone seems to be adapting to Western ideas. So this is way I believe if we start to treat women right first people will follow the trend. We cannot expect things to change over night, which is impossible. We need to sit back and let this happen gradually. Gender and cultural roles are two of the biggest problems facing us world wide.

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