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In the essay entitled “The Decline of Fatherhood” the author David Popenoe discuses the problem of children growing up without their fathers. The subject of fatherless homes hits right at home for me. I was raised in a single parent home, but unlike the cases that Popenoe discuses, my father stayed in my life. I really believe that children raised in a home with no father have a hard time avoiding trouble. There are two reasons why I believe children raised in a one-parent home have a hard time avoiding trouble: father provides different qualities, it is unfair to ask so much from a mother.

One of the reasons I feel I stayed out of trouble was the fear of my father. What I mean by fear knowing if I got out of line my father would discipline me. Many children who don’t have the fear of knowing there is a price to pay if you get out of line; also have a problem with obeying authority. In the essay David Popeneo talks

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