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Greek God Hades (characteristics) Essay, Research Paper

Although there are many characteristics that can be associated with the god Hades, there are a few specific characteristics that he is most well known for.

The first characteristic that he is well known for is his greediness. Exotic stones and jewels that were prized by the Greeks and Romans surrounded Hades. Since he had all these resources at his fingertips, he was considered one of the most well off gods. And because of his wealth, Hades became a very greedy god.

Another defining characteristic would be Hades lack of compassion. He had no sympathy for the people who entered the underworld. There was only one case in which a mortal man was allowed to take his wife back to earth after she had entered the underworld. This was the story of Orpheus and Eurydice. In all other cases, Hades was cold hearted and unsympathetic.

Yet another defining characteristic is how Hades always took what he want. He never asked for anything, but he always took what he wanted. This can be shown in the myth of the rape of Persephone. Hades fell in love with Demeter?s beautiful daughter Persephone. Instead of wooing the young girl into becoming his wife, Hades went to the upper world and took her. He was gone to the world above wearing his helmet that made him invisible, and then he took Persephone without her consent. This is an excellent example of how Hades always took what he wanted.

Hades also loved isolation from the world and his brothers and sisters. It was a rare occasion when Hades would actually visit Mount Olympus to see his godly family. Under only a few circumstances did Hades actually leave his realm of Tartarus. The one most famous time is the taking of Persephone.

The last most well known characteristic of Hades is the fact that he was not very amiable. Of all the gods originally from Mount Olympus, Hades was the least liked. Not because of his dark nature, but because of the fact that he ruled the underworld, a place that most mortals did not want to have to go to. Because Hades realized that he wasn?t well liked, this just made him even more disagreeable.

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