Great Goal


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"What a great goal!" Jamie thought as

Adam scored again, "Adams got everything the latest games, the looks which

women die for, branded clothes, Rockport shoes, everything and most of all the

gorgeous women, the women of my dreams, Cameron". ??????? "Come

on, Cameron lets go!" Adam ordered Cameron as the football match finished,

Adam picked up his boot bag and held Cameron’s hand and left the school

football pitch. ??????? Once

again Jamie’s heart jumped for joy as Cameron said "Hi" as she walked

off with Adam. "Don’t say Hi to that geek," Jamie heard Adam tell

Cameron as they reached the school gate. ??????? The

next day was Saturday, on Saturdays Jamie normally went to the library with his

old man but today he was going to play football with his school mates, he

wanted to improve his football skills and impress Cameron.? Jamie arrived at the local playing field, he

soon started playing football, he weren’t a fan of football in fact he hated

football and liked cricket. ??????? Jamie

kicked the ball really hard, well his hardest which wasn’t hard at all but

still the ball flew in the air and landed in the bushes. ??????? "Go

and get it!," the other boys demanded. ??????? "O.K,

I’m going aren’t I," Jamie told them. Jamie entered the bushes, to his amazement he saw

Adam and Cameron kissing, in the bushes, Jamie felt heartbroken, he took the

ball as they continued there passion. ??????? Adam

continued playing football, he soon got bored and decided to leave. ??????? The

next day, Jamie saw Adam at the local newsagents, to Jamie’s surprise as walked

out he was approached by Adam. ??????? "Hey!

Jamie, I know this may sound weird but would you want to swap lives for today?" ??????? "WHAT!"

Jamie interrupted, "What are you on?". ??????? "Look!

I know how much you want to be me?we can swap souls?I found this machine in my

shed, come on I’ll show you". ??????? They

soon arrived at the shed which was located on the right hand side of Adams

house. ??????? "So,

do you want to?" Adam asked. ??????? "No-way!"

Jamie snapped. ??????? "Think

about it?you get Cameron?" Adam asked manipulating Jamie. ?????????????????????? ??????? "Yeah!

I will!" Jamie blurted. ??????? They

both went into the shed, there was no machine. ??????? "Where’s

the machine?" Jamie asked. ??????? "There

is no machine!" Adam told him. ??????? "Huh?" ??????? "Its

black magic!" ??????? "Black

magic?" ??????? "Your

not having second thoughts?are you?don’t you want be with Cam?" ??????? "No!?I’m

not having second thoughts." ??????? "Good!"

Adam pulled out a bag and pulled out some powder or something and started

pouring it over Jamie "Close your eyes" Adam placed his hand over

Jamie’s chest?SWOOSH! "Oh yeah be here at 8p.m so we can change back.??????? Jamie

couldn’t believe he was in Adams body, he was more energetic, had bigger muscles,

he didn’t have any before. she invited him to her bedroom.? Jamie then went to play cricket, he was

awful, he hated it, just because Adam was good at football Jamie assumed Adam

would be at cricket as well. Jamie called for Cameron at her house, but she

weren’t in. It was the worst cricket match he’d ever played. ? ??????? Jamie

then went to Adams house, the house was disgusting unlike his own house, Jamie then

headed for his room, the room was a bigger mess, there were cigarettes,

cannabis and dirty magazines all over the place. In the corner was his games console

which was broken, as for the designer gear, there were only 3 decent tops, 3

trousers and 2 pairs of shoes, Jamie had less expensive gear but had much more

clothes. Jamie weren’t enjoying being Adam in fact he was

hating it. Jamie then saw the message

"Tonight! You’re dead". It was written in red lipstick, it’s probably

one of Adams sisters?Adam hasn’t got any sisters, Jamie didn’t let that get to

him. ??????? Jamie

couldn’t wait to be himself as ??????? 8pm

arrived, Jamie arrived at the shed only to find Adam there, inside the shed,

destroying the powder. ??????? "What

are you doing?" Jamie asked. ??????? "Oh?um

we can’t change back!" Adam declared. ??????? "I

WANT TO CHANGE BACK! I hate being you," Jamie told Adam. ??????? "Why

do you want to change back? I’m better than you at everything…" ??????? "I don’t care, I want my self

back," Jamie told Adam. ??????? "There’s no chance we can change

back, I’ve destroyed the powder." ??????? "Why?". ??????? "You’ll

understand why I did this". ??????? "What

do you mean?". ??????? "I

did black magic, one day my black magic went wrong as a result of that an evil

spirit comes to haunt me every day she tortures me, I scream but no-one can

hear me, I can’t run, It’s always there, you just wanted to be me, let me tell

you something Cameron asked me out today which would’ve been you, come tomorrow

you would have been going out with Cameron as yourself, learn you’re lesson All that Glitters isn’t Gold".

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