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The government has the responsibility and right to monitor the citizens it represents. An example to support the mentioned issue is the strict gun control laws, established by the government, which ensure the safety of the population. Another argument that supports the issue is a reference to two works of literature. Gun control laws have been established in order to keep people safe. The number of shootings and deaths caused by guns has risen in the past years. By requiring gun owners to register their guns the government is ensuring that the owners of these guns will use them with caution. Background checks are required before a person can purchase a firearm. This ensures that citizens with past misdemeanors will not be able to purchase firearms, and possibly use them against others. In Canada firearm owners are required to keep the guns and the ammunition locked in separate cabinets in order to ensure that no children will be able to get to and use these guns. The strict gun control laws set out by the government ensures the safety of many people. The government monitors the citizens to limit their purchasing power of firearms Two known works of literature can be used to further show the fact that the government has the right and the responsibility to monitor the citizens they represent. In the first literary work, Lord of the Flies, there is a form of government, which leads to the destruction of the small society; the form of government portrayed in the novel is anarchy. This novel is an example of a form of government not being successful because it did not take into consideration the needs of every one of the kids on the island. The second work of literature that supports the issue is Romeo and Juliet; in this play the form of government is a monarchy. The tragedy in this play is the deaths of both Romeo and Juliet. This tragedy occurred because the Prince did not intervened sooner to try to solve the conflict between the two houses.

The government has the right and the responsibility to closely monitor the citizens they represent in order for the society to run smoothly. Gun control laws ensure the safety of people. Two works of literature, by William Golding, and William Shakespeare, support the issue of the government monitoring the citizens they represent. The close observation of its citizens by a government ensures that these citizens are safe and that the there is order within the society.

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