Gore Or Bush


Gore Or Bush Essay, Research Paper

Gore or Bush

Should Al Gore or George Bush be the president of the United States. Bush is the

man that should and will fill the position. Out of all the candidates Bush stands out as the

strongest stingiest leader. George Bush is the best man for the job. Bush also rightfully

won the White House. In reference to the recounts, they should not even be considered.

The only way Gore could win the job was with a court ruling. Even if Al Gore were to

take office, it would go against the law of the land, the Constitution.

The office of the presidency takes a strong leader not a sore loser that doesn?t

know when he has been beaten. George Bush should be the next president of the United

States because he is the stronger leader of the two. He is intelligent, cunning, and always

has his wits about him. Bush is not a coward from Washington who hides behind Slick

Willie and plays politics to watch his back. Bush has already had the experience at

running Texas which is as big as most countries. In football which quarterback would be

right for the starting job, a back up or another quarterback from another team. If you

want a leader, then go with a starter not a backup.

Bush wins the presidency, wait one moment Gore wants a recount, then again and

again. The first recounts were needed just in case something was wrong, but after the

second recount it started to be questionable. Just because there were some problems with

the ballots doesn?t mean that you need to go through Florida county by county trying to

find votes. The butterfly ballets should not have been used but counties used this ballot

all over the country. Al Gore complains that the ballots are not fair and believes that he

won Florida. Over two million ballets across America have been thrown out, so why just

recount Florida if you are so worried about being fai?. Al Gore needs to do what is right

for the country and give his secession speech again. What kind of a president would Gore

be if he said something and then tried to take it back? If he keeps this up, he will be going

against the Constitution.

Since Florida has problems with counting ballets, Al Gore took his case to the

court. He pleaded time and time again for recounts and the court granted it. When he

begged for hand recounts people started to question the integrity of these hand counts, the

court allowed it. Even after all the recounts he still didn?t have enough votes to win. He

finally lost a court case, the certification of Florida vote. This news should of sent George

Bush packing for the White House but no. He knows what kind of man Gore is so he

waited for those five little words and sure enough he heard them. I?m taking this to court.

So why is Gore going back to the courts? The courts can not make him president. If they

did it would be going against the constitution. No one will allow a court to pick the

president, especially win the system we have been using since seventeenth century

chooses one man while the court chooses another.

What?s done is done. Gore should give his concession speech so people can forget

about this and move on. Why turn the White House into a soap opera and start to become

hated when you could wait four years are even get a seat in the senate. Gore fought a hard

battle but George W. was the better man unless the courts rule other wise. This could

bring out amendments and maybe even call for a complete reconstruction of the

constitution. This country defiantly doesn?t need that

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